Monday, July 4, 2011

Capcom's Resident Evil DRM Is Evil: You Get To Play The Game Once

Capcom's Resident Evil DRM Is Evil: You Get To Play The Game Once

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D for the nintendo 3ds
Yes you can only play the game once. No alternate save files allowed. No starting from scratch.

If you want to play it again.... cough up another 40 bucks.

your friend wants to play? cough up the 40 bucks

your husband/wife wants to play? cought up the 40 bucks

wanna sell the game? too bad you can't!

this is just wrong I though Ubisoft's DRM was bad this really takes the cake!

I think people need to boycott this game company. Seriously. And don't even pirate thier games. That'll send the message. That the game isn't even worth torrenting, let alone buying! "it must be bad!"

Gamestop and other retailers are allready warning customers about this! That says something!

When a game retailer company doesn't even want to sell it or is warning customers about your games you need to quit.

here's the nitty gritties on it

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