Time for tech--->Redhat vs Ubunu--->ubuntu's problem

Redhat (as a company) is stable, professional and secure. They are right in line with thier target market. Synced well.

Canonical/Ubuntu is unstable, immature, and insecure, they have no clue what thier target market is. Not in sync with thier userbase.

ubuntu keep going after markets where it's unstable, specially for a free product. Linux is seen as a power user's OS.... It is no way being seen as an OS for gramma to get on FB and play farmville with her sewing buddies. That market is slim pickings.

They are pulling a nintendo.... neglecting thier core users to go after new things.... the grass isn't greener on the other side. it may be an 'emerging market', however even that is stagnating. those grammas will want more from thier setup once they learn more....

Canonical/Ubuntu's image is also arrogant and they feel like thier on this "grand mission" to "humanize" linux.... but it gets to thier heads and anyone that challenges it gets attacked and told:

"they are doing this as a favor and charitably!" "how could you hate on them for the courageous efforts they do?" and all that.... they take it up as some cause you're attacking when it's just a linux distro, no need for drama.... that kinda stuff comes off as arrogant and elitist.

people were like that with this unity crap.

sorry canonical/ubuntu.... you are not what you used to be... you initially had a good goal in mind but they let thier arrogance and the hip thing get to thier heads. it will bite them in the end.