Windows Phone 7:Thoughts

Ahh the windows phone 7 has been announced and it looks promising:

Runs on nvidia's tegra 2 platform, witch means a rich media experince--->Games will run much smoother and better then other mobile platforms (not including the PSP and NDS) Movies will be watched in ultra smooth HD with no problems.

has social networking intergration

has xbox live intergration as well as zune intergration

However I think that the interface does need a little work and it could be possibly the best USA launched mobile device.

I would actually like an interface on this phone to have the following criteria to make it worthwhile:

1) Crisp, clear graphics that can be read from a ways away->this is very important if the device will be used as a GPS mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle, the driver must be able to see it from the driver's seat very easily.

2)customizable look and feel->this is extremely important, becuase each user wants something different. This also makes the experienced optimised for each user. I, for example want a dark high contrast theme since it is easy on my sensitive eyes, I also want some eyecandy as well.

This interface pictured here is sharp, crisp, and legible, however there is very little to look at and it looks a tad boring. I suggest using graphical style from windows 7 to make it blend into the whole "7 experience" that MS made. That looks freindly, approachable, and still has a little eycandy but in a professional package. It looks much slicker and brings people into awe. The default interface pictured here kinda looks a little messy and doesnt bring you into it. it looks like the device can't do much. This kinda interface makes people take your device less seriously.
3) user exportable settings file for easy backup/recovery.

4)don't emphasise social networking as a main feature of the device becuase not all people use this and also if you do have this as a main feature, let the user be able to add the social networks of thier choice and NOT only facebook/myspace/twitter becuase I use multiple, I practically use everything but FB and twitter. I would like to be able to add, for example, gamerDNA or animeplanet or vampirefreaks or windows live, or livejournal, or blogspot stuff to my phone as well.

If they practice this they would gain a much more rich user experience.