Youtube's new layout

Ok.. Where do I begin? The look of the new site looks like someone had a CSS that got loaded improperly. There are broken looking elements on the pages.
The comments field looks distant and unorganized.
The pulldown menus are not even framed into the rest of the layout, so we don't know what frameset they belong into this could cause a security problem with video sharing sites.
That's for the channel pages.

The video page layout is harder to access the options to favorite a video. You have to use a pulldown menu to access it instead clicking the little heart icon.
 Also with the comments on the video pages you cannot see all the thumbs up and down counts. If someone thumbs a video down you cannot see the negative rating for that comment.
You cannot tell where one comment ends and another begins.
You will thumb a video up and come back 2 days later and you do not see the "thumbs up" that you have given to that video.
The comments do not have dates and timestamps posted.
The comments cannot be sorted by dates and times.
You cannot se the "days ago" unless you hover over, and this is a problem because some browsers,specially on linux have trouble rendering the hoverovers. Also even on my Vista x64 system with IE8 I cannot se the hoverovers all the time, I have to refresh the video, click all comments and then try to load the hoverover again. This is incredibly frustrating.
I also notice that the @user comment reply base does not properly reference the comment that has been replied to, instead it just refreshes the video page! This should not even be this way!
 You should have left the comment system alone.
It is very hard to follow conversations.
Also the new layout is harder to see the other videos by the user. i thought that the feature was removed until I had to click the arrow on the top to see them!
Why are you doing this to your users and making them go through a change?
This is making the site less and less user friendly. If a tech savy person like me has trouble with the new layout then something is wrong!
Mystery meat navigiation is one of the BIG NO NOs in web design, it confuses clients and alienates customers.

Also another thing is the sites performance on the technical level. The older layout was a little demanding on my system and used about 15-25 percent of my quad core cpu, but this new layout takes the cake and uses 25-75% of my cpu! This is only having 8 tabs open of IE8. On Firefox it was much worse and sometimes would completely lock up my whole system. I am using a pruned downed and optimized OS without bells and whistles and I have very little programs running and still take performance hits on my system that can run Crysis much smoother then your website! If someone's computer can run a very intense game like Crysis on thier computer without problems and your website does, then someone needs fired. Someone neds to optimize your coding so it runs smooth as silk on a baby on a crappy netbook, becase it is important to have a wide audience. if you bloat your site too much your audience will die off becuase thier computers can't handle youtube and in this economy people can't afford to be upgrading thier computers constantly, especially for a website. You are just that. Website operators, you are not coding a 3d modelling program like 3dsmax, you are not making a high tech scientific program used to make fighter jets and rocket ships, you are not making the latest avatar grade graphics game, you are making a website witch means you have to calm down with the code!