Longhorn Steakhouse review 3.12.12

Longhorn Steakhouse review 3.12.12

Please note: I suggest you read up on my Morgantown review for this establishment to further understand the chain and the variation from one location to the other. Morgantown is my base location. Thus, all comparisons will be made based on that location, as I have 85% satisfaction rating for that location with 4 total visits. Thank you.

Intro: we had to wait 5-7 minutes to be seated even though there were plenty of tables. One thing though. It allowed us to get more hungry. After that we were taken care of promptly. They were having us wait so a waitress can be assigned to our table for operations.

I shall skip to the order quality:

Order 1 (mine): Flo's filet. Stuffed version. Price: 19USD very good. Not as good as the Morgantown location, however it was still good. 70% consistency match. Meat was cooked to demands so far as how well done it was. Did not need A1 at all. Toppings weren't as plenty as the Morgantown location. However, they were still good! Steak was easy to eat.

Sides: Loaded baked potato was great. Not much to report. Same with salad...

Order 2: (Sisters): same as above only different sides. Steak tasted a bit charred but was still quite good.

Sides: mashed potatoes were excellent. Mild and creamy, yet somehow flavorful. They did not need any gravy and had delightful presence.

Service: waitress was very prompt and pleasant. She had good vibes and was laid back. We did not need to interact with management at this location. That's a good sign.

Overall I would rate this visit at 4.5 stars for me and 4 stars for my sister.