My Mom's horrific story about going to Canada

I should have known the trip was not going to turn out well, by the way it started.
The morning flight was postponed for 5 hours due to freezing fog at the Parkersburg airport and as a result I had to wait 4 hours in Cleveland for the connecting flight.
Somehow my carry on bag lost it's tag during the first flight and had to be checked in at this point, so I did not have access to it. Thank god I had all the paperwork in my purse.
When I got to Canada I had to go through the Canadian Immigration Dept. because of the fact that I was performing work for my company there.
We have canadians who work for us, but this was a special last minute request and could not be done on time without me picking up some of the work.
I am not going into the specifics of the paperwork my company provided to me, but according to the Canadian Immigration Agent, it was not correctly written.

After being grilled by the agent for almost 5 hours (yelled at for getting up off my chair to use the bathroom-they told me I needed special permission to get up, even though I tried to get their attention by saying "excuse me" to several of them without any response), I was told I would not be allowed to enter the country.

My supervisors were scrambling to find a solution and everything I tried to explain to the agent, fell on deaf ears.
I was given a choice of leaving voluntarily or be detained and not allowed to return to Canada for 1 year.
Of course I chose to leave. She told me to sit down, had me there additional 45 minutes, then told me my passport was being held and I would have to come back at 7am for further examination. She tried to find anything she could to make it extra miserable for me and had a smile on her face when she did,  I had asked why I could not leave that night, was told they needed permission from US immigration and they were closed for the night. I ended up sitting at the airport till 7, and when I returned to Immigration, all they had me do it sign one sheet of paper and gave me my passport back. Why this could not have been done earlier, maybe because that would not have caused me enough misery?

I was treated like a common criminal, I believe mostly because of some woman's personal psychological power trip.
I believe she thought I was taking jobs away from her people.
Or maybe the Canadian Immigration Dept has become a stringent Fascist state.
Don't know, but I will definitely think twice before coming back to Canada and even spending any of my money on goods made there.

I am seriously considering filing a complaint about the way I was treated, have to find out who to contact.
If they did this to someone young or with skin not as thick as mine, it could really traumatize them.

And to top it all off, both return flights had bad turbulence and I was sick as a dog.
An overall rotten 2 days.