Webhosting talks Vol 1 - Weatherly cloud

Here I will be occasionally sharing experiences I've had with various hosting companies.

I decided that the first volume of this will go to the latest "company" I've dealt with.

Here's a bit of experience I've had with a company that promoted itself on Cisco Meraki's Google + page called: Weatherly cloud.

They seemed like a decent company with some neat looking offerings such as SSD based "cloud" servers, a generous amount of space, and a decent looking website and management portal.

I decided to take them up on the "trial offer" and I expected to have a month of awesome to play around with a speedy SSD cloud server.

Seems fair enough.

One problem.... How would the connectivity be and how redundant was this "cloud" hosting? If they didn't have good connectivity what good is redundant "cloud" architecture if the connectivity wasn't such to back that up?

I asked their online chat representitive and here's what they had to say:

Wait a minute.... They only have one sole connectivity provider and only one "backup" yet they promote themselves as "fully redundant"? The "other provider" they have listed is NOT a backbone provider but a computer components company that makes power supplies, RAM, cases, etc... The rep is clueless and not very understanding. One provider does not make a redundant network!

After a few more questions I decide to take a trial offer anyways.

I fired up the control panel to this:

I click the button to open the connection settings and .rdp file to get started on managing my server right? .... nope.

I shot support an email and explained that without that I don't have access and they told me that the button is really a "port forwarding button! but it's clearly made out to look like an "access" button! Why would they do that?

That is going to confuse people and they will feel like they can't access the server!

Also one problem with the service is they make no indication on where the server is physically located and this is very important to clients. You have to ask the online chat rep where they are located and he said it was in dallas, tx. Why couldn't they indicate this?

Also the trial time is only ONE DAY. Not hear enough time to determine how good they are, let alone even get a decent site up and running in that time. 

Also something wierd happened when I replied to the support ticket via email. The rep that did answer had in his email signature that the Weatherly cloud is really CubeXS Weatherly in:
Cloud Support Department   |   1st Floor Federation House, Shahrah – E – Firdousi,
T: +92-21-111-282-397 Ext:1  |   Block 5 Main Clifton, Karachi.

which is Pakistan.

So they do not disclose the server location or the company's location on their site. two red flags for those that need to keep business tabs. Some companies have requirements to only do business with companies in certain countries and Pakistan might be blacklisted or something bad might happen if they do.  A lot of businesses are going to steer clear of this "hosting company" and I think you should too.

Even though the reps were fast the amount of information they hide, the fact they do NOT have redundant connectivity even though they advertise as such, and the fact they think Corsair is a backbone provider is clear enough reason to steer clear.


The post on the Cisco Meraki Google + page was removed! Good: