Issues that Amped wireless needs to address

Issues that Amped wireless needs to address
1)The lack of firmware upgrades. They have still not released a firmware upgrade for the RTA15, which left many people in the dark, including me. They dodge questions about it and neglect the product. They also won’t fix driver issues with the ACA1 USB adapter and the PCI20E refuses to work on server operating systems. I was unable to even review that unit due to that issue. They flat out said they would never support server releases of windows, even though it’s a good idea to do so. Some servers might need to have an extra wireless adapter for failover with NIC teams.
2)They Ignore most of the problems on thier forums and have a ‘approval process’ which censors issues from potential users and reflects very negatively on them. This makes them look shady. I’ve never seen this on other manufacturer’s forums.
3)They ignore my suggestions as a reviewer and I have never had one of my suggestions implemented in a product change. I’ve had luck with other companies like Xirrus and Fortinet and Aruba networks. However, Amped fails to respond.
4)I have noticed that sites that used to support them have stopped reviewing their products like small net builder, engadget, etc.. Probably due to firmware issues noted above and broken contact.
5)I have even expressed interest in being a beta tester for them so they have improved products and I was met with a lackluster response. I have beta tested products from major companies, even in the networking market segment. I’ve had my suggestions put in place by another major networking hardware company as well and the product was improved.
6)I have suppported them by being patient with reviews, giving them extra time to respond before reviews are published and none of the issues were addressed.
7)I have even kinda helped them out on forums and have done major good for them, however I have been ignored lately, even though I said I liked them a lot they still ignore me, and they refuse to listen even when I say some of the people I’ve convinced to get their products have issues. I’ve had a few users nag me about problems and tell me that amped has not responded. That made me a bit frustrated and annoyed.
If they would work on these issues and treat some of thier biggest supporters better than they would do better and we would promote our reviews of thier stuff more aggressively and could possible increase ratings due to issues being corrected, however until amped decides to do so I would be weary of purchasing a product from them, as they will be abandoned and forgotten and you will be censored on their forums.