compromised! has been compromised by a nasty "flash upgrade" pop up that leads to malicious software. DO NOT ACCEPT!!!

Redit link 1:

Original source:

Someone has encountered the problem with Kasperski (sorry for mentioning another vendor! But this needed to be said)

(Care of Jetster At Tech Power up forums)

Here's a handy report on the IP address this attack is originating from
Please see there lots of IPs to block in your firewalls to further secure yourselves from other malware/attacks as well. I blocked in my hardware and software firewalls and hostsfiles as well. I suggest y'all do so too

For all that want to contact the owners of the IP address where the attacks originated from please contact and be very nice and tell them the attacks came from and they are hosted with PKHost which resides on the network of Centrilogic. If we get rid of the source of the attacks we can save other webmasters/admins as well as newegg. source 1 source 2: also source2 has IP addresses you can block in your firewalls till centrilogic or the other layers of the food chain can take action. Please be safe eggers!