Cisco Meraki scaling back throughput of various hardware firewalls!

This is a quickie article:

Please note: UPDATE AT BOTTOM the issue has been resolved at this time. The article will remain as such for documentation purposes.

Cisco Meraki has been scaling back the throughput speed for various hardware firewall products including the Z1, MX60/w,MX64/w, MX80.

A user on Reddit has reported the drama in the following thread:

Sure enough I've done a speed test just now and here's the result:  

Here's a result prior to this:

An employee on Spiceworks forums has said this:

However this statement does not seem to be true on my connection.

Earlier when I first bought mine I got an upgrade that brought mine UP from 50Mbps to 80Mbps stateful firewall throughput. Why they would retract this and bring it down is beyond me. It's not like it costs them any extra since we pay cloud fees and this is happening on OUR NETWORKS and not thiers. They just have a one off cust cloud controller that they have a solid datacenter contract on, so it costs them nothing extra to keep our speeds up.

Many of us have paid for higher speed connections and now we aren't going to be able to get our money's worth. Also why leave the Celluar uplink unlimited but the WAN interface limited? you think it would be the other way around since Cellular based links are more expensive and LOWER speed?

This move from Meraki does not make any sense at all and I hope to hear back from them on this.

This is a crazy move that will cost them dearly. Very depressing since they have been a very solid company through and through and now they have to mess up like this. I'd hate to leave them since it would involve a week to reconfigure my network and to find another brand that can traffic shape and QoS and have as nice management as Meraki :(

I hope to see them undo this fatally bad move. I've been a HUGE supporter of them and I'd hate to see them do this.

Cisco/Meraki reps are welcome to comment and I encourage them to make this right for us! Thank you!


It seems as they took the limitation off the slider they have for the WAN interface. Hope they keep it this way.

I did do a speed test and here's my result:

Will continue to do speed tests and track this issue. Please, comment and report as well.