Going thru some personal issues so any reviews or tests will be delayed till futher notice

Going thru some personal issues so any reviews or tests will be delayed till further notice

My cat which I have valued like a daughter is going thru a lot of pain.

A month and a half ago we bought some Purina cat chow naturals indoor. She seemed to like it and was doing ok till about a month-month-and-a-half ago. She started to get a lot of rashes and was very lethargic. We though it was the heat and we just kept her in cool rooms and gave her lots of tuna and water.

She started to bleed from her nipple areas and started to get a bump around her breasts and her neck was really itchy and she would wake me up demanding scritches, which we thought was just more gut from being a lazy lump due to the heat and lethargy from it and we thought the bleeding and rash was a heat rash...

We dressed the wounds with everything we could and tried everything we could to help her but she was getting worse.

Her breast lump became larger and we deiced something else was up, I was starting to suspect the cat food was the problem since we've taken very good care of her.

We took her to the emergency vet since it was Independence day and no other vets were open.

We waited and we though it was prolly just poop possibly backed up or something since she was clenching a lot like someone trying to squeeze out poop...

well the doc came back and did some tests and said it's a tumor and she was also anemic with only 13% red blood cell count. I was furious, scared, sad, and felt terrible.

I wish I would have helped her earlier... however we just assumed it was a heat rash and gut!

I was more than devistated. Angel is my baby girl and I've had her almost half my life! (I'm currently 31 and she's 14)

She understood me so well and has even understood what I talk about and is an extremely intuitive and smart cat. I will be upset about something deeply and not even vocalize it, she'd come running all the way from downstairs to my office, open the door and come rub on my leg. Whenever I struggled with something she was right there to comfort me. She read my mind deeply and was also quite into what I was doing! I'd explain to her some of the stuff I do for betas the testing and she'd nod and have bright eyes like she learned something cool! She was such a smart, bright, happy girl that was amazing.

Even when my hubby was being annoying or would irritate me she would be there to comfort me.

She's brought so much magic to my life and was there during my darkest times.

And for Purina to take that magic and my little heart and soul away is THE WORST THING THAT'S HAPPENED TO ME!!!

I later learned they have TONS of lawsuits against them and many babies have been lost both cat and dog!!! lots of people have lost thier babies from cancer, liver, kidney failures, seazures, etc... and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT! nestle bought them and gets away with it.

I go from having a bright, happy intuitive, amazing angel to having a lethargic lump on her death bed.

I hope nestle will pay for this dearly. They should be shut down.

So many people on various sites report a lot of the same thing and I learned purina went and changed formulas and added extra vitamins and minerals from china that are EXTREMELY CARCINOGENIC!! They have done this to dog and cat food for years and I feel stupid for not checking up on it constantly since up to this recent "vitamins and minerals" change Angel has been fine!!! Why would they do this? All these ________________ companies care about is money and for the chinese to make a quick buck to buy more handbags and bugattis.

This is some or the worst pain I have to go through and I hope she makes it. I will be completely devistated if I loose her. She's everything to me.

I wanted her to meet my kids when I had them

I wanted her to live with us on the next sprawling property we bough and for her to have her own fish pond

I wanted her to grow old with us and guide us more spiritually on the road to parenthood and teach our kids the celestial wisdom she has shared with us.

And for this much magic to be taken away from me, and others on this hell we call earth is immeasurably cruel, evil, vile and the worst thing.

 I hope action can be taken against purina for takeing so many people's babies away!!!!