Friday, March 26, 2010

colors and emotions

I have what's called synetheasia....yep had it since I was born. I so so frightened of off white things. it would make me cry. I still find that color THE MOST OFFENSIVE! I get dirty, impure, and wannabe different from it. I also get distrust from it. I get a particular "meawwwnnnn"(in a snobbish high pitched sound) from it. sometimes I hear a "nehh" sound from it.

Reds I feel the most emotions from. I get an epic chill from it and I think of winter and late fall. I think of it as a cold color. (a powerful but calming echo of midranged sounds emenates from it and comforts me)

I think blue is a warm emotion color for me. I think of vapors and mist. "yeaohh"(in a low pitched semi-sultry voice) is the sound I get from baby blue.

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