Music, moods and mayhem....

Music, moods and mayhem....


the japanese musicians do better with celene's songs than celene does. Much better. The songs are meant to be soft love songs with a tender mood. celene manages to make them tense and irritating. some songs have very uplifiting lyrics, however with celene and xtina's voices make them sound like you're supposed to cry.
There's a balance betwen that I like. it's something called dynamics. there is times to be light and happy, there is times to bring out the epic. celene and xtina bring out the epic constantly and it makes the whole thing drawn out and flat actually. once you've been to the top can you get any higher? that is the question one must ask. the highs and lows are needed to have a fuller performance.
the loudness war can attribute to that. xtina's latest album "back to basics" has mad clipping and the whole thing is busy as hell. your ears rarely get a break. I listened to half of the songs and my blood pressure was up alot. I actually hooked myself up to my grammas blood rpessure monitor and it was going up drasically to the songs, celene had the same effect and I had the machine hooked up to a 8 year old and her blood pressure went up as well. (i only had her listen to two songs she wanted to do the experiement with me) babies in particular go nuts to both artists and there was a study done and it gets blood pumping in infants and toddlers.
Most songs are like this now and this could explain some wierd behaviours amoungst people. I ams still doing my study on this and I would appreciate some help as well.

Now the songs that were flat like kanye, rihanna, beyonce, and others were lowering blood pressure but incresing pulse. They also tend to have a blanking effect on people. I asked someone to pick colours and this was one of beyonces songs and they picked white, black and tan but a trance song made them pick purple, blue and yellow. I did this one 2 people I knew were synasthesic. I am sysnathesic as well. I get the blanking effect from listineng to most r and b music, most hip hop and most "pop" music and I loose most inspiration in things. I cannot get good graphic ideas from this kinda music. country music makes me only think of earth tones and gets me drepressed, oldies makes me angry and I don't want to do anything. trance and symphonic metal gets the most stimulation out of me to do creative things, and electro makes me happy and calm and fun.

I would also like input from all of you.