Ryan's breakfast Review

For a change I went to my usual Ryan's location to try out their breakfast. I will tell you it was eggcellent!

I normally avert this type of place for breakfast because I am very sensitive to smells and I dreaded the overwhelming smells of pancakes and muffins and those normally made me feel a bit sick.

To my surprise this Ryan's location did not have this problem with breakfast! The smells were very minimal and didn't bother me. This was very cool.

I also noticed a pretty good selection of breakfasty foods. I normally don't like them, but I do like bacon and eggs and the other kind of sausage and I found them here so I was happy.

I ate those and they were pretty good. I Consider myself the best eggmaker and even I was impressed! The bacon was nice and crisp and the sausage was great.

I was also happy they had made-to-order omlettes for free! I tried one and it was eggcellent! I wolfed it down pretty quick and it was the perfect texture and it did not have exessive burnt like another omlette chain.

I will also note that Heather, our waitress was very nice and pretty helpful. She was bright and attentive today. She smiled a good bit and was generally good to be around.

I have to highly recommend Ryan's for breakfast and at just a little over 5 bucks it's great value and better then going to BK or mcdonalds and you get a lot more for the money.