Shoney's Reviews!

Shoney's Lunch Review for 2-19-11:

We tried the same location again for lunch this time and it was pretty good.

I did notice the smells more though, but we were easily able to relocate to a less intense part of the restaurant.

I ordered their sirloin steak and a loaded baked potato today.

It also included the salad bar and I made a decent salad. You can put this “ham” on it but I think it might have been spam or something else. It was quite strong and weird tasting. I also wish they would label the dressings. I was still able to get ranch dressing though.

I waited about half an hour to get my steak and it was pretty juicy and nice tasting. Not as good as Longhorn's steak but it was still good.

My loaded baked potato was a tad overcooked, but still tasted good and had lots of cheese and bacon bits.

My husband had a Blackend Chicken Sandwitch and he thought it tasted amazing! He also really liked his fries.

Our waitress was pretty attentive and gave me a new glass before I was done with my old one. That was nice. She seemed pleasant.

The pricing was average for a place like this. Not too high but not too cheap. The quality seemed to be alright for the price.

I would recommend this Shoney's location for lunch. 


Shoney's review for 2.17.11:

We decided after approx 10 years of ever visiting a Shoney's that we would give it a shot for breakfast because we were hungry and didn't know what to do.

We were greeted nicely and got our seat and it was decent for comfort level. We were given our menus and we looked over them and they seemed to have a nice selection. We decided to take a look at the breakfast buffet and decided on that.

I got scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and sausage.

The scrambled eggs were nice. They had a good consistency and they tasted great. Specially with the cheese.

The sausages (I normally don't like this kind of sausage) but I found it really good. Could use a little more plumpness though.

The bacon was very full of flavor and it was strong, but good. It wasn't as plump as I like it, but at least it wasn’t overly fatty or greasy. I liked it.

Our waitress was pretty nice and pretty prompt. She even got some toast made for my sister. One waitress also complemented on my sister's cute kitty ear hat. She thought it was cute. LOL.

The pricing was not too bad and overall I would recommend this Shoney's location.