last post of may--->fanboism and how destructive it is

This was in response to this: Apples sues teenager who sold White iPhone Conversion kit

I dislike apple becuase of thier closed off environment, thier prices, and the general arrogance of jobs and co. and the cult like obsession with it.

I know there's a microsoft equivalent, but it's not as creepy or aggressive. I also hate the fact there are so many who seem to kiss thier buttocks and make excuses for them or any company. I make no excuses for companies. If you continue to kiss butt about it you are actually hurting those companies by not letting them know something is wrong....

I always provide feedback to businesses and it helps them. I also vent about problems they don't fix on forums so they know that the knowledge is public and people are aware of it. apple users, or some dub them iholes, never seem to want to do so. they think they are perfect, when they are not, and it's disgusting. same with MS fanboys. same with linux fanboys.

fanboisim is dangerous no matter what the company.

I am glad people are venting also with the new GNOME SHELL/GNOME 3 changes becuase it's not for everybody, GNOME should have forked it for tablets and left GNOME3 MAIN alone for the most part. The linux fanboys are just sucking up to it and "dealing with it" when they, themselves know it's not right....

people these days are just sucking up to and dealing with stuff instead of being pro-active and improving things. this is immature and weak.