Restaurant rants 1: Ponderosa SteakHouse.... What happened?

1st on a series of Restaurant rants:

Notes for: 05.15.11

I will note that the costs of this chain have gone up to be higher then Ryan's or Golden corral. This prevents me from being a regular again. On average it is 12.99/person. I can go to a place like Longhorn Steakhouse and have premium steak for about the same price. Also the lack of locations near me contributes to the lack of patronage. I will also note that lots of locations are shut down/being shut down  and that's sad. Someone needs to save this chain. Or the parent company needs to sell to someone who will.

This greatly disappoints me because I used to love this chain... I miss it greatly. I will miss it.

I still like them and this is why I want them to improve!  next visit will certainly send lots of feedback.