AT&T to blame for Diablo 3 problems

ATT is to blame for the Diablo3 problems... they picked the worst backbone provider/hosting provider they could to partner with for this... They should have gone with level3 they are solid and awesome.

They prolly fell for a smooth salesmen's promise of having lower cost per util. and thought it would be cheaper then L3 so they went with it... only it will end up costing them 4x as much as L3 and have lower capacity.

ATT notes for hosting companies they can change the TOS at any time and you are agreed to using them for 2 year minimum contract duration. In order to get lower rates you must agree to changes that could screw you over in the end big time. This is another reason any reputable datacenters do not use them. They are a joke.

Good IP backbones:

level 3

soooo many others they could have chosen that would give them outstanding service and better value and they choose the worst possible one.... yucckkkk....

bliz really doesn't know what they're doing...

I'm partnered with InetU hosting (very high end enterprise grade provider with NO NETWORK DOWNTIME)(they host, lands of america, CREDO action group, and Luby's websites as well as tons of others) They use level3, Abovenet, and Verizon and they do really really good with those 3.

If they would have went with InetU hosting then they would have not had any of these problems at all...

There are so many better hosting providers out there they could have chosen and they chose ATT of all places!!!! arrrg!

well blizzard enjoy it while it lasts!!