Monday, May 14, 2012

Denny's Review for 5.14.12

Denny's review for 5.14.12

Intro: we got in quick, greeted quick, and got the exact table we wanted. Close to the bathroom since I really had to go, towards the back, and calmer. Waitress came by very quickly, got our drink orders, came back 2 mins later when we were ready, got our order very clearly and was nice to deal with. Came back 2 minutes later with my salad then came back 4 minutes later with my entree and a minute later with mom's salad.

Order 1: (mine): Custom skillet:6.59USD Bacon, Ham, Egg, Two kinds of Cheese, Onions, and a little gravy. Very good consistancy and taste yummy! I loved it. No complaints at all! Did I mention HAM AND BACON!!!! hell yeah! Both had great consistency.

Order 2: (mom's):some kinda chicken salad that was around 8 bucks. She was pleased. It was a huge salad and she had no complaints.

Service: Our waitress was extremely prompt and friendly. She kept my coffe really full and was very polite. She had good vibes and I liked being around her. Too bad I forget her name I think it was Nicole or Megan... She did a good job.

I easily rate this experience a 5. Great service, food and prices.

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