Music Quickies: Clubland Series (AATW)

This series started out as real club music and was amazing and had an awesome mix of trance, house, and eurodance. It was THE club compilation.
It started adding more house styles and less trance styles around volume 13 but still had good tracks. had some hands-up added as well.

Around volume 15 I'd say it started to have way too much hip-hop and pop stuff that can be found on Now, Bravo Hits, etc...

Volumes 16,17,18,19,and 20 have too much pop tracks that it has become more of a "Now That's What I Call Music" type compilation rather then a genuine Clubland compilation. These are songs for the mainstream radio and not the clubs. Not unless the club scene has really gone downhill since the glory days.

I hope to see the series have more of the music that draws people to the clubs in the first place. More of the types of music that's not on any other compilations and to bring the series up to its name.