Music Quickies: Future Trance (Polystar)

Future Trance and Dream Dance and Trance Voices are the holy trinity of Electronica music. Too bad Trance Voices hasn't had a new release since 2010 :-( I loooove that one. So Tunnel Trance Force has kinda filled in....

Those albums are the biggest and often the best sampling... I do admit FT had a bit of a slump and vol 53, 50, 45 and some of the selections on some of the teens weren't so good..... However that series on a whole is nice...

They have picked back up and have done a very good job with the 57,58,59,60 tracks...

However on a whole the series is fantastic and it seems to be everyone's starting point into Trance, Hardtrance, and Hands-up.

I recommend the following volumes as a whole:

There are a few tracks on the ones I didn't list, however the albums may not be worth purchasing and you would be best off buying the individual tracks.

Please note, however, that this series is primarily hardtrance and hands-up and not your relaxing kind of trance music. However it does have a few tracks per disc that would fall into this. I prefer the faster harder trance though.