AMD denies TechpowerUp a review sample and all hell breaks loose.

AMD denies TechpowerUp a review sample and all hell breaks loose.

AMD announced thier R9 nano GPU. Of course the widely popular enthusiast site Tech Power Up wanted thier paws on a review sample so they can add it to thier ever growing list of very in-depth GPU reviews. AMD denies them the sample and now amd_roy on twitter is even gloating about how they can't by stating thier reviews as "unfair". has the scoop

This is sort of the deal I got with amped wireless but not as public. That company refuses to give me samples, even though I'm the one that's tested thier stuff the most thoroghly. (Note: I have removed the reviews for their stuff in the mean time till the launch of my new forums as well as to give them time to fix things with me and other reviewers.)

I have attatched some tweets from amd_roy and how immature he is being and such a bad move PR for AMD

And he says the same thing about another very repsected site as well

They then gave mommy tweeter type people that just mindlessly tweet how cute the card is and people like them aren't even reviewers... just tweeters

Amped did the same with me as well... they gave re/code a range extender and the reviewer didn't understand basic RF101, was a mommy blogger type, and didn't even bench. Also 3dgameman is just a shill and he doesn't go in depth and shows off a whole wall of thier stuff behind him in his videos.

These companies really don't know how to handle PR and it will bite them in the end.