Magellan Roadmate 3120 review - "retro" review challenge in 5 minutes or less

Here's the results of a "5 minute review challenge" a lot of people are doing lately:

I did this when I was on my tablet with limited connectivity on a extensive 10 hour road trip.

The challenge was to get it done in 5 minutes while also taking pics of certain areas of a product that's typically hard to review and think of on the spur of the moment. Also the "retro" reviews are getting quite common specially with stuff that's off the beaten path like GPUs units, old consoles, old networking hardware, phones, etc...

Enough with the intro and here we are at the actual review! Note: from this point on nothing has been alltered from a raw notepad file typed on my tablet since the 3G was cutting out a lot (backwoods west virginia can do that to yah lol)

Magellan roadmate 3120

the magellan roadmate 3120 is a great midtier gpus unit that has a great ui, fast signal, decent amount of features, and is affordable and fun to use.

accuracy on eta decent

fast ui
great routing engine
ok voice
very fast with signal acquisition
very good on battery
very easy to use
very clear ui that looks great

persistent night mode ui saves battery and is easier to see
loud speaker
voice is clear

charging port location is wonky and cable attatch is flimsy
no ability to keep detailed stats on screen without tapping distance counter
no physical volume button
map updates are pricey at 89$USD

overall 8/10

screenshot gallery: