Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Most NEW Innovative company 2010-2015

Most NEW innovative company 2010-2015

Criteria asked on multiple sites back in 2012:

1)Must have personal experience with products
2)Must be my own and not 3rd party stories
3)Company’s founding date must be 2009 or newer with first product offering achieving popularity in 2010 or newer.
4)Must not have a parent division that has been founded in 2009 or earlier (company must not be a “spin-off” of older brand)
5)Must be tech centered and not a general startup (Hotel, restaurant, bar, club, entertainment companies are excluded)

After a ton of malling it over and a lot of research into company dates this one is very unlikely and very different than most people’s picks due to it being PERSONAL experience and not just a company you watch or like…

It is a company I just started using and it’s a company that has a lot of controversy around it but I found it very awesome and it saved me a lot of money and was very nice to use and did very good.

The pick is: Uber!

The app/service is very polished for being so new and very advanced for being so cheap.

Me and my sister went to an anime convention in cincinatti. My mom just haaaad to start a new job when the first day of the con was. Neither me or my sis were up for driving due to sleep issues. I legally can’t drive either. (long story don’t ask, please) and we didn’t want to stay within mom’s 9-5 hours and miss out on the rave and some other cool events later also going too early there wasn’t a lot going on. Mom said cabs were 60-70 some bucks for the trip, was willing to pay but I felt terrible having to have her pay THAT much, so I told her about uber and I knew that some people say it was cheaper then a cab by 1/3rd to ½ price. so she accepted me using her CC# for it. As soon as I got to her place I created the account which was really easy (8 fields to sign up and the site even worked great and fast on opera on a crappy dual core laptop LOL. and I got the app quick and all was good.

The day I used it It got a driver on the first try and she came in exactly 12 minutes. I could even see her face, the make/model of car, the color, and even the real time position of the car coming towards me on the little map. Pretty cool. It was the driver’s first day and we were her first fares and I thought that was cool. LOL. Her car was clean, and in good shape, and she was dressed good and had a clean appearance. She did not dilly-dally around and we got going quick. She was very friendly, and easy to talk to. She drove confidently and followed all traffic laws and drove the speed limit. She did not seem afraid of anything and did not drive erratic. The trip was smooth. She didn’t act funny around us because we were dressed as cats for the convention either. :)

We made it to the destination within the app’s time frame and the ending processes didn’t even need our input till the part where you rate the driver. We gave her a 5 stars.  

The app itself has a very nice UI and worked great even on my ghetto rooted galaxy nexus 4.4.4 sprint edition. Had no issues with wakelocks, excessive data/battery drain, and performed well. Wasn’t confusing at all and overall I would give the app a 5 stars as well.

The total came up to be only 27 dollars and some change. Wayyy better than paying 60-70!!!

Overall the whole experience was UBER cool and I love how anyone can be a driver as long as they got a good record, a decent (2005 or newer) car, a good smartphone with a decent data plan/connection, and the price is very affordable and it’s very good thing that taxi cabs has competition because it lowers prices and adds much more convenience features and the fact that you can even see the little car icon coming towards you on the little map and know when they will be there precisely make it painless, and pleasing.

I will definitely use that service in the future when I need it and I highly recommend it over getting a cab any day!

Screenshot gallery: (note: addresses have been edited out to protect addresses of my mom’s place)


Monday, April 20, 2015

Aruba RAP109 Review

4)Wireless configuration
5)Throughput tests (Wireless/Wired)
6)Firmware notes
7)Closing Notes
Intro: The Aruba RAP109 is a enterprise level wireless access point that is  somewhat affordable for small to medium businesses, has lots of features and can tolerate a lot of heavy usage that enterprises require.
Features: The RAP109 features the following:
1) Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz operation with 2 x 2 MIMO connectivity at up to 300Mbps
2) 2 wired Gigabit LAN ports
3) 4 2x2 mimo  x 5dBi  dual band internal antennas with 21dBm output power for great wireless coverage.
4) SSIDs with configurable VLANs for each one providing more security then standard guest networks
5) Full VLAN configuration
6) Full and extremely detailed traffic shaping (QoS) and firewall controls
7) Fixed and DHCP client address assignments
8) Cellular 3G/4G failover via the USB port
9) Fully customizable user/group policies
10) And lots more
1) Power brick was like your usual one. It did, however come with plugs for other countries
2) Instant setup is weird. You log into the “Instant” SSID that has no password, you configure the AP with a new main SSID, then you log off and log back into the new main SSID and the “Instant” SSID is deleted.  
3) Also is PoE
Let's take a look at the really helpful status page that tells us all our status. It also shows CPU usage memory usage, and disk usage.

Wireless Configuration:
Here’s the WLAN config screens:
Radio Settings:

Security Settings:

The RAP109 supports WPA/WPA2 and supports PSK and Enterprise authentication types that can be different for each SSID. Selecting “Enterprise” allows you to use Aruba Authentication, which allows you to define a username and password rather then a static key, allowing for more fine control over your wireless network. User based controls allow you to define limits PER USER so that if let’s say, they get fired, you just delete thier user account and not have to change the ENTIRE NETWORK’S encryption key.
Traffic Shaping:
You can do traffic shaping to make sure each client has equal bandwidth and also to make sure certain clients that are more important have more bandwidth then other clients like important servers, mission critical workstations, etc. Very useful.

Throughput Tests: (Wireless)
I will be using LAN Speed test for the throughput tests and PRTG to generate the graphs. It also is a comprehensive enterprise level network monitoring software and it can record uptime, transfer rates, errors, etc.
Test environment: (Set 1)
Specs of Building: This is going through about 32 ft through 2 walls, a solid all-wood dresser, and a chimney. The room has plaster walls in some places.
Specs of server :(my machine in the same room as theRAP109): Intel i5 3570K/16GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 RAM/Nvidia Geforce 650Ti/Samsung 840 120GB SSD/Windows Server 2012 Standard/Realtek GBE NIC
Specs of client: (remote machine in other room): AGNXAndrakon/AMD Phenom 9650/4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 RAM/Nvidia Geforce 650Ti/Samsung 840 120GB SSD/Windows Server 2012 Standard/Amped Wireless ACA1 USB WLAN connection:USB3 via a PCI-Express addon card.
5Ghz 802.11n mode: Channel 161+ -56dBm
LAN speed test: 25 stream 6GB file: 15Mbytes/sec or 120Mbits/sec

2.4 GHz 802.11n mode: Channel 6 -64dBm
Test environment: (Set 2)
Specs of Building Test Run 1: 16Ft away thru a wood door hallway right outside the office where the RAP109 is located.
Specs of server (my machine in the same room as theRAP109): Intel i5 3570K/16GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 RAM/Nvidia Geforce 650Ti/Samsung 840 120GB SSD/Windows Server 2012 Standard/Realtek GBE NIC
Specs of client: HP2000-412NR/AMD E300/8GB DDR3 RAM/300 GB HDD/AMD RADEON 6310/Windows 7 x64 Home Premium/RalinkRT5390 WLAN
2.4 GHz 802.11n mode: Channel 11 -38dBm
LAN speed test: 25 stream 6GB file: 6Mbytes/sec or 48Mbits/sec

Test environment: (Set 3)
Specs of server :(my machine in the same room as theRAP109): Intel i5 3570K/16GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 RAM/Nvidia Geforce 650Ti/Samsung 840 120GB SSD/Windows Server 2012 Standard/Realtek GBE NIC
Specs of client (Downstairs 35ft thru 3 walls and a staircase): HP /Core 2 Duo/2GB DDR2 RAM/20GB HD/Intel GMA/Windows 7 x64 Home Premium/NETGEAR A6200 WiFi USB3.0 Adapter
5Ghz 802.11an mode: Channel 161+ -42dBm
LAN speed test: 25 stream 6GB file: 6Mbytes/sec or 48Mbits/sec

2.4 GHz 802.11n mode: Channel 11 -64dBm
Firmware notes:
I did have a few2 issues with the RAP109s over time. One time I had a serious client match issue and the rep had me downgrade firmware and it managed to brick one of the RAP109s. I had to order a console cable and then TFTP a new OS image over. That seemed to solve the issue.
Another time I had an issue where I couldn’t access the web config. It loaded successfully, however on the bottom right corner the text “undefined” would be listed for all items and logins would stall. Browser would not proceed further. Firmware upgrade was done when web config worked and seems to solve issue.

One other major issue is that it does get picky and takes a long time to reboot from power cuts or cable disconnects
Ø Excellent management software with lots of options
Ø Very robust security controls and options
Ø 3G/4G failover via USB dongle
Ø Has some occasional firmware hiccups
Rating:  6/10
Recommended: Yes