Buffets Inc Closes several Ryan's Locations.

Hello there everyone!

I am rarely mad at stuff like this but when it hits close to home it's tragic really.

Buffet's inc is the parent company of Ryan's Buffet, a very awesome buffet chain. I love it!

A while ago Buffets inc decided they will close down around 12 locations. In the middle of the bad economy, making approx 500 some people loose thier jobs. Those people will now have to look for work in a time where it's very hard to get a job. Smart move buffets inc (rolleyes).

Most of these locations they closed down for "underperforming" Ha! The one close to me was packed all the time and was doing really good!

But they left the one that was actually underperforming in my area that suffered due to constant construction in that area and most people don' go to that part of town anymore. Last I went to that place the activity level was very low and the place was dead during peak dinner time on a weekend!

This isn't the first time they've screwed up This blogspot page has more dirt on this situation with Buffets inc.  Here's some links from 2008 that have employee participation.


I've created a support group for those involved. all are welcome. it will NOT be moderated.

I will take the time to thank all the staff involved in making Ryan's great (and not the buffets inc staff that mucked it up!) I appreciate all the work that went into it by the crew members, the managers, and the people that truly cared about thier customers. All the best for the ones who lost thier jobs.

Also it's rumored that Buffets inc auctioned off their corporate HQ last month! Wow someone's bailing out! 

Nope! It's TRUE!!! Here's a loopnet listing for the building and here's a new article about it