Eat-n-Park review

Eat-n- park is my second pick for sensitive people

first of all the building seems big and roomy. The layout was ok and we were greeted and taken to our seat. We ate at around 8:00pm on a sunday night so the place wasn't too crowded.

The waitress was a “new girl” and she was doing all right so far.

She did take a sorta long time to get our drinks, but it was ok.

I ordered the rosemary chicken and had baked potato and salad.

The salad was cool and crisp I ate it while waiting for my baked potato/rosemary chicken.

The baked potato was nice and warm, not too hot and not too cold. They gave me a lot of sour cream and butter for it and it taste good. Not the best baked potato in the world, but very good.

The main course meal was pretty prompt at getting (got it the same time as the baked potato). And it tasted really good it was covered in this really nice sauce and had some tasty shrooms on top of it. I liked the sauce and the shroooms they made the chicken taste great.

The texture of the food was really good for me, a very very sensitive person to handle and I ate it with no problems.

I also noticed that they did seat people pretty close to me, yet their food smells didn't bother me and I didn't even smell their food. This is a HUGE plus to sensitive people who might lose their appetite with bad food smells from other people.

I notice that the menu has alternate foods like lower size portions, diet friendly meals, local produce, and even baby food upon request! That is very progressive!

It does seem they also put thought into the ventillation of the building. There was a raised celing right above the tables so it would keep it ventillated. And there were window alcoves aplenty with some plants in them (I think they were fake but they were a nice touch)

the bill for two people (we split the rosemary chicken) was 11.40! Not bad for two!

I do have to say I am very satisfied with eat-n-park and I would highly recommend it for most anyone. It's excellent for sensitive people and discerning families.