LongHorn SteakHouse Review!

details about longhorn visit on 11.17.10:
we went to the morgantown location again and it was pretty packed, however i did notice one thing. They strategically seated people to not be too close to eachother and placed people in booths mainly becuase there were tables in betwen the booths and this gave more space in beween people. This was an excellent move on thier part!

When we got there we were seated promptly and taken care of moderatley quick.
We took our time with the order and they seemed patient enough.
The bread they had here was still excellent.
I ordered the portabella chicken and had a house salad with ranch dressing and a side of mashed potatoes.

the chicken was very moist and cut really well even with a butter knife! It wasn't too spongy eather. seemed just right. Did not need sauce of condiments to taste yummy!
The salad was fresh, crisp and cool.
The mashed potatoes were lumpy, not what I'm used to. I'm used to inhaling them and not having to choke on lumps, however these tasted and kinda were textured like baked potatoes that were mashed pretty good. At least they were real potatoes. I easily compensated by envisioning this and handled the lumps way better then I normally would (since I am extremely sensitive!) And I ate all them.

The mushroom was stuffed with chese and some other spices and it was excellent. It was soft but not mushy, and the chese was yummy. It was really good.

As far as the service was the waitress was pretty prompt, not the most personal, but it was fairly packed, so it's kinda understandable. She was not pushy about buying this or buying that, she gave us space with our order and did not push anything on us.
I did see what looked like a manager in the dining room apologizing to another customer about thier problems and that was a good sign.

All in all it was a good visit, However I will note something, I did notice a price increase in most items, the actual increase depends on the items. That is not a very good thing to do around a recession and might alienate potential customers. I am going to drop a .5 star for this move and I shall se how long this lasts untill the bring the prices back down.
rating for this visit 4.0 stars.
We went for lunch at this location and the place wasn't crowded and it was nice that way. we were seated and taken care of promptly.
The waitress handed us some rolls and they were sooo good. I normally HATE bread and NEVER eat it. But those rolls sure were good. You have to definitely do something right to get me, of all people to eat bread!
we waited a kinda short while and received our steak
This place has the best steak I have ever eaten! It was very tender, even on medium-well. It was juicy and had an excellent consistency and wasn't boot leather like most steakhouses. I didn't even need to use A1 it tasted excellent without it. It was sooo juicy but not too juicy.
The loaded baked potato I had with it was excellent as well.
The atmosphere was excellent. I love the rustic feel the place had, the lighting was nice, dark, and intimate feeling. Cozy. I loved the antler chandeliers those were nice touches to the place. I also noticed neat paintings on the wall that were real and not sweat shop kind. The decor was genuine and not fake like the likes of a famous sausage chain. The mood and vibe was nice and laid back
The prices can be steep for most people, however it is to be expected of a place like this and actually is pretty good considering an omlette chain has the steak prices about the same but with much less atmosphere and much less quality. for two the total came to be 26 bucks incl tax and drinks and we gave her 5 bucks tip I think. Not too bad.
Our waitress was very friendly, laid back, and prompt. She seemed glad to have us there. We gave our complements to the chef and he seemed thrilled! We felt welcome and relaxed here.