Tuesday, May 31, 2011

last post of may--->fanboism and how destructive it is

This was in response to this: Apples sues teenager who sold White iPhone Conversion kit

I dislike apple becuase of thier closed off environment, thier prices, and the general arrogance of jobs and co. and the cult like obsession with it.

I know there's a microsoft equivalent, but it's not as creepy or aggressive. I also hate the fact there are so many who seem to kiss thier buttocks and make excuses for them or any company. I make no excuses for companies. If you continue to kiss butt about it you are actually hurting those companies by not letting them know something is wrong....

I always provide feedback to businesses and it helps them. I also vent about problems they don't fix on forums so they know that the knowledge is public and people are aware of it. apple users, or some dub them iholes, never seem to want to do so. they think they are perfect, when they are not, and it's disgusting. same with MS fanboys. same with linux fanboys.

fanboisim is dangerous no matter what the company.

I am glad people are venting also with the new GNOME SHELL/GNOME 3 changes becuase it's not for everybody, GNOME should have forked it for tablets and left GNOME3 MAIN alone for the most part. The linux fanboys are just sucking up to it and "dealing with it" when they, themselves know it's not right....

people these days are just sucking up to and dealing with stuff instead of being pro-active and improving things. this is immature and weak.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

strange interiors.....Part 3

LEGO-Walled Kid's Room! That is so cool! Wish I had this as a kid!

Time for tech!---->Media Player reviews: Media Jukebox Part 1

Review for Media Jukebox: 05/29/11 09:00:14 AM

This is the first of the in depth media player (software) reviews on this blog. I will be reviewing the media player software Media Jukebox from Jriver. This review will have 2 parts. This media player is very loaded with many very cool features.

The first exhibit: the interface:

As you can see the interface is very powerful looking and impressive!

First off, to make this review as interesting as possible, and to set this one apart, I will name some of the features I do like, followed by brief comparisons of such features to other media players.

The most astounding feature is the powerful DSPs:

as you can see you have a lot of audio control.

Windows media player does not have such control. The only controls you have are EQ and SRS effects, which do not get very good perception by audiophiles. I will tell you the DSPs are amazing on this application! I particularly like the surround field enhancement. It helps with headphone fatigue and makes any media sounds more alive. Also note the “peak level” indicator on the bottom left of the window. It will tell you how much “overflow” the song your playing has! Now to the right of that you can even have overflow protection to make sure you don't get “clipping” with your media! It also has volume levelling, distortion, and the Output format section has surround upmixing controls, adds a surround crystalizer as well. The EQ tab has a 10 band EQ + preamp and presets. You can have several custom presets with your own name as well.

The next feature I will look at is the build in file browser:

now no need to load up windows explorer for media management and no need to have a bulky library database like in WMP. This is live intergration as well and you can create playlists from folders very easily!

Now we shall move on to the Playlist management.

One of the most striking features is you can remove duplicates from the list! You can also export playlists to other applications from here as well.

You can also send this playlist to different directories, devices, and even to an FTP server!

I will also take a quick look at performance: This media player is very fast and very lean.

here's a screenshot from task manager:
as you can see the usage is pretty good for having lots of media loaded on to it.

and it has much lower page fault delta and I/O reads then WMP does. I stopped using WMP because of that. my disk would grind away constantly with WMP.

MJ has a very low I/O footprint making media management fast and easy on your drives. even while doing complex management tasks that are "intense" for MJ are very easy and AVERAGE LOAD USAGE is intense for WMP and if I dared do anything complex with WMP and media management my drives would grind and halt and any other multitasking would be chocked like a chicken. My average (semi-idle) P/F delta with WMP was around 1,500-2,300 and for average media stuff would be 6K and peak would be 8-9K!! MJ would normally hover around 60 playback normal and 250-400 for encoding/transferring and spike to 800-1500.

my I/O reads for WMP would be 40,454,860 over the span of 8 hours! Media jukebox has been opened for 9 days and it's 635,813 right now

so you are raping your PC using WMP for anything other then extreme light usage. I/O is everything with media.

And on the next part of this review I will cover the device management, burning, and ripping.

Friday, May 27, 2011

strange interiors.....Part 2

architecture & design firm Stern McCafferty created this custom bath "invisible" tub. Made from a thick sheet of glass inserted between the two tile walls,This tub is neat.... but I'd hate to have to clean it after every bath! it would be neat to see toys in it floating around. And fel like a fish in an aquarium... LOL...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

strange interiors.....Part 1

Ok what's wierd is this kinda style in in right now and a good bit of these are just wierd


the kicker is there's a horse in the kitchen!

they should have had a pink pony... Poland from Hetalia would like totally want one! He loves ponies!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Buffets, Inc drama....

This article mentions a possible sale of Buffets Inc.. Wow. the party never stops for Buffets, Inc.


I still miss the Location I used to frequent. It was really good, and they close it, Now I hear this....

I hope they sell to someone that will turn the chains around and make them nice again and re-open my location. I loved going there. Now there is very little affordable places to eat in my area. Unless you go to another town. That location is nowhere near as good as MY location was.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Restaurant rants 1: Ponderosa SteakHouse.... What happened?

1st on a series of Restaurant rants:

Notes for: 05.15.11

I will note that the costs of this chain have gone up to be higher then Ryan's or Golden corral. This prevents me from being a regular again. On average it is 12.99/person. I can go to a place like Longhorn Steakhouse and have premium steak for about the same price. Also the lack of locations near me contributes to the lack of patronage. I will also note that lots of locations are shut down/being shut down  and that's sad. Someone needs to save this chain. Or the parent company needs to sell to someone who will.

This greatly disappoints me because I used to love this chain... I miss it greatly. I will miss it.

I still like them and this is why I want them to improve!  next visit will certainly send lots of feedback.