Cracker barrel review 2.25.12

Cracker barrel review 2.25.12

Please note:This will be another short and sweet review.

Intro/General descr: we all know this place has the “homestyle atmosphere” and the building itself looked nice with character, however you'll see that this does not always mean you will get a full tasting meal with that same character as well please read on....

I will also be focusing on my meal only this time.

Order 1 (mine): I had a sirloin steak and baked potato with a house salad. The house salad was ok, not much to report, the baked potato was good, but how can you mess that up? The steak was the blandest steak I've ever eaten. It had very little to no spices, it had a wonky texture, and A1 didn't even save it enough. I told the waitress and she got the manager and her resolved per my request to get me a chef salad (because how can you mess that up eh?) to take home since I wanted to go on with my day and go shopping...

hours later 3:30AM I dig into that salad and it's bland and the chicken tastes off! How can they get that wrong?

Service: The waitress was prompt enough and nice. But not enough to get this place 2 stars and make up for it.

Overall: I have to give this place 1 star. Bland food and overpriced, milks the homestyle atmosphere so you'll excuse the bland food, and the food seems to be an afterthought to the country store. Many themed restaurants have this problem.