Ponderosa SteakHouse review for 2.3.12

Ponderosa SteakHouse review for 2.3.12

intro: we were greeted nicely and seated and taken care of quickly. Our waitress took care of us fast and was laid back and nice. The place was packed, but it didn't seem to slow the staff down much at all and we were able to be seated at a nice location away from most people due to my smell sensitivity. Our part of the restaurant was calm and quiet. Even though the place was very packed it didn't feel hectic. It was pretty calm.

Buffet: my ham was really good! I ate a lot of it and it was perfect. Excellent consistency and taste. I also got some Haddock fish and it was very easy to eat and tasted nice. I also tried some chicken and it was ok, not the best but better then ryan's buffet's.

Order 1 (mine) I got a sirloin and it came with the buffet.I had a baked potato and it was really good, not overcooked like last time's first one! I ordered the steak medium well and thought it would be more tender, but it was too tough to eat and I informed the waitress about it and she very promptly cooked it a little more and it was much better. She also gave me another baked potato as well in addition to the steak revision. ;-) it was great as well. The steak was much better after it was cooked more so I suggest well done steak at this location.

Order 2: (husband's): he ordered a chopped steak and he liked it a lot. His baked potato was good as well. Not much to report.

Service: our waitress was very prompt and nice. She was also very laid back and very helpful. We felt welcome there and she did a great job! ;-) She kept my coffee cup full and she wasn't overly formal or intruding and she didn't need to get the manager to resolve anything.

Overall: I would give Ponderosa a 4.9 stars for this visit. I \t was worth a little extra trip to get there and I can't wait to go again!