Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review for Olive Garden 2.21.12

Review for Olive Garden 2.21.12

Please note:This will be done as an update to the other one.

Order1 (mine): I got different items this time. I got the Shrimp and Crab Tortellina Romana. It was really good. It was much better then the seafood alfredo they had. Conistancy was really good and it tasted good. I got a little buzz from it LOL. It made me feel good. The sauce wasn't seperated like the other sauce the other time. Cost:16.75

Order 2 (my husband's): Chicken Vino Blanco. He liked it, no problems to report. Cost:12.50

Order 3 (my sister's): create your own platter. She pretty much liked hers too. Cost 9.95

Service: meal came out pretty fast for us to get it. Waitress was pretty prompt, but not as personal as I liked but I think the style of the place is to let you enjoy your meal with minimal interruptions.

Please note: I payed for most of it with the gift card that I received from giving corp. feedback about the last experience. Our total was 47 bucks approx. it payed for 30 of it.

Overall: 4 stars Nice improvements Darden/Olive Garden!

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