Ruby Tuesday review 2.18.12

Ruby Tuesday review 2.18.12

This review is going to be short and sweet

wait time was very long but the place was packed. We opted for bar seating to expedite things by 20 minutes

order 1 and 2: (we both ordered the same thing) portabella chicken. Barely edible, first round was burnt very much and we asked for another, it was burnt tasting too.  Only good things we had were the fries and baked potatoes, we both had zuccini and it was also burnt and not very eatable.

The only really good thing was the margaritas. They were refreshing. and the place had wifi, you need both to cope with the mediocrity of the meal and the long wait times.

manager seemed to try his best and was nice, but it wasn't good enough.

Overall 1 star and won't be returning. So this is the final review.