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Amped Wireless R20000G Wireless Router Review

Amped Wireless R20000G Wireless Router Review

1.      Intro
2.      Features
3.      Performance
4.      Conclusion 

The Amped Wireless R20000G is Amped Wireless's latest High-Power Dual Band Router. It features a Powerful 600mW output, 5dBi antennas, powerful 620Mhz processor for computing networking commands, Wireless-N 300+300 MIMO, Dual band 2.4/5Ghz, Robust firewall, Local and Internet USB sharing, Wireless Multi Media (enhances delivery of multimedia content over the network such as games, audio/video streaming, VoIP, and more) and more.

The R20000G is full of options to configure to most network needs. It offers good wifi security, QoS, DDoS Protection, MAC address/URL blocking, Access controls, VLANs, and more. It also features USB sharing over LAN and WAN.

WLAN Config:

WLAN Sec Settings:

WLAN Advanced Settings (2.4Ghz):

WLAN Access Schedule (To make sure the kids don’t stay up all night online or for business use you can shut off the Wi-Fi after business hours)

MAC (Media Access Control) Filtering (makes it so only approved devices can connect to your network):

URL Filtering (Makes it so you can block websites network wide from being accessed or block malicious sites or ads):

VLAN Creates a virtual LAN to isolate certain groups of computers from each other.

QoS (Quality Of Service) This allows you to allocate bandwidth to each client on the network to make sure they get enough for their application so one person’s download binge isn’t interfering with gaming or a critical business application!

DDoS protection This will help protect against DDoS attacks and this is for all you running torrents or get attacked because someone gets mad at you.

Port Forwarding Allows you to forward ports to make sure an application will work without hassle like game servers, media servers, FTP servers, Web servers, etc…

LAN settings you can also set “Static DHCP” here to always have a certain client be assigned a particular IP address

We have this setup for our Minecraft server and its working great. Setting up the Minecraft server was very easy. Just set this and a port forward!


GoToMeeting Performance and notes:
I attended an InetU security webinar on -65dBm @ 370ft away and it maintained connectivity to the webinar with no skipping in audio and screen display did not lag.  Slides were still being displayed. Meeting went well at all points and no disconnects till I got about 400ft away. Streaming meetings are very nice with the R200000G

Minecraft Server Performance:
The R20000G has been doing amazing with the minecraft server. Most of the time we have 3-9 people on it and nobody has complained about connectivity after we got the static DHCP and ports forwarded. Everyone was impressed. 

Xbox Live performance and notes:
Please note: In some cases, If you connect to the Xbox live network as a wireless guest (using the guest SSID to connect instead of the main SSID) you cannot join games that the wired Xbox360 that is connected via Ethernet cable to the main SSID (network).
If you want to join games that a wired console is on you must connect to the main network. This is what needed to be done for Dead Space 3. You could possibly configure a VLAN to overcome this though.

However the performance has been excellent so far! No disconnections! They played for 4 whole days!

Also on Black Ops 2: Zombies the performance was excellent… maintained full green bars through hours of play!

Wireless Streaming performance:
The R20000G performed on par with the AP20000G. Very impressed with the performance!

Please note: These are ranges where absolutely no buffering was experienced and completely smooth playback occurred.

Streaming laptop 1 (Atheros wireless G)
Was able to stream HD videos 125 ft away and SD videos 215ft away. Very impressed.
Streaming laptop 2 (Realtek wireless N)
Was able to stream HD  1080p videos 175-180 ft away and HD 720p videos 214ft away and SD videos 325ft away. Very impressed.


I will be testing the raw wireless throughput with iperf (a command line client-server tool to test (W)LAN throughput) The screenshots come from my PC acting as the server and my phone (ZTE N860) is the client that is connected at several locations.

Results are as follows from several locations:

Location 1 (In the same room as the R20000G)
-24dBm @100%

Location 2 (In the bedroom 22 ft from the R20000G)
-43dBm @100%

Location 3 (In the living room 35 ft from the R20000G)
-38dBm @ 100%

Location 4 (downstairs bathroom 18ft diagonal from R20000G)
-38dBm @ 100%

Location 5 (backyard 55ft from R20000G) Note that this area is also tricky for the Netgear WGR614 as well and I couldn’t connect at all from 20 ft+ with the WGR614
Also note that there was a big truck and another car in between my phone and the R20000G as well. This is my “worst case scenario” location.
-47dBm @ 92%

Location 6 (Back porch 40ft from R20000G) Note that there are 5 walls and a very thick door in between the phone and the router
-34dBm @ 100%

Location 7 (225ft down the road from the R20000G about 3-4 houses down)
-67dBm @ 86%

More Testing (WLAN Throughput):
We will also be testing throughput on the laptop with the built in Atheros adapter for this test using NetSurveyorPro/iperf and jperf. I also used another laptop that has a Realtek PCIE card as well.

Here’s screenshots of the output of NSP at various distances: (please note these are for throughput and the wifi analytics results are presented as well)
Location 3 (Living room 35 ft away)

Location 7 (data collected as I walked down the road to more than 225 ft away)

175ft away down the road

Amped Wifi Analytics results from 175ft away

215 ft away:

Laptop 2: (Realtek Wireless N)
175ft away -62dBm

450ft away -75dBm

Amped Wifi analytics tool 314 ft away

Here’s a jperf test I did at 214 ft away (Java kept crashing L )

Jperf test in the bedroom 35 ft away: TCP

VLC Media player download speed was 172Kbytes/sec from 150ft away

I also walked further down the road still to download more stuff.
315 ft

420 ft

Internet browsing while this was going on was still comfortable. 

Signal Quality and consistency:
For my environment my config was the following:
Basic Settings:
2.4 GHz:
Channel: 9 (least congested on average in my location)
Channel Width: 40 MHz
Data Rate: Auto
Advanced Settings:
Control Sideband: Upper
WMM: Enabled
Preamble Type: Long Preamble
IAPP: Enabled  
Protection: Disabled
Aggregation: Enabled
Short GI: Enabled
WLAN Partition: Disabled
STBC: Disabled
20/40MHz Coexist: Disabled

USB Storage Performance:
Adding USB sharing is as easy as the AP20000G was and it has an awesome extra… You can access the USB storage over the internet! To set this up go to the following RCP area:
More settings>USB Storage>Local Sharing and
More settings>USB Storage>FTP server

It was very easy to setup the USB server. Transfer rates were around 3.5-4.5MBps within the LAN

You can setup something called Dynamic DNS so you can access your files from the internet. I chose TZO because they had an easier trial method without a credit card.

I launched an FTP client on my Android phone and was able to download at 2.2MBps over the WAN using a dynamic DNS service TZO.
I was able to upload at 2.9MBps over the WAN as well. My 3G upload speed was around 19Kbps with 2 bars 3G signal.

Desktop FTP performance:

This is over the FTP server that’s associated to my domain. 720MB file (MS Office 2013 Preview was used)

Firmware update:
There was a firmware update that was put out and it was very easy to update it. Also my settings were retained as well! Nice!

Misc Features:
Last but not least there’s a neat little feature that involves the wireless LEDs. They will blink very slowly and opposite timings of each other when no wireless devices are connected. They will start blinking rapidly when wireless devices are connected. This is a nice touch to let you know if people are connected if you need to physically do anything with the router.

The Amped Wireless R20000G is a very nice router. It has awesome coverage and tons of features. It sets up easy and is very stable, has USB sharing added for even more awesomes!

·         Hardcore coverage!
·         Easy setup
·         Lots of features
·         Dual band
·         Guest networks
·         Local and Internet USB sharing
·         Good QoS options
·         Very good firewall
·         VLANs
·         Static DHCP
·         Ships with UPNP and WPS disabled (a good thing to have good security)
·         DDNS

·         Somewhat slow USB transfer speed in comparison to direct USB connection
·         No print server

Overall rating 8/10

Recommended: Yes!

UPDATE: Soundcloud link added

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