I told you so! Bug in EA’s Origin game platform allows attackers to hijack player PCs

OK, I've been telling a lot of people this and they've never belived me. Well I have your proof and first I shall get to a post that I've said on neowin.net

 Also the main reason people stay away from DRM is they are worried about security and system stability. some DRM like Origin, etc, introduces back-doors into your system and they run at ring0, thus having super-permission sets that take over your system. Hackers can easily gain access and have full control over your system. DRM mechanisms like that should never be used.

Some DRM has even blocked legit use of optical drives, backup/security software, and even hypervisor software. I had one case where a game that had starforce DRM prevented vmware workstation from running! Same with another DRM system. It completely disabled vmware and it was a mess getting it back up and running. I had to reformat. 

This is further proven in this post:

Finally disclosed for the masses. I hope you belive me now! I've known this for years and many sec. professionals talked about it. I attended 2 webinars that brought this up!