Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ponderosa Ripley WV review 3.3.13

Ponderosa Ripley WV review 3.3.13

Intro: greeted really nicely and seated promptly. They were fine with my wonky seating request (I’m sensitive so I have to sit away from other people) Waitress was fast getting our drinks.

Order 1 (mine) 8oz sirloin + Buffet. Buffet had ham and I love ham! It was good ham as well. I also had some chicken legs and some Salisbury steak. It was good. My steak came quick too and it didn’t even need A1! Tasted really good too. After that I got a salad and It was good. My baked potato was good too and I loaded it up with cheese and bacon bits from the buffet.

Order 2 (husband’s) 8oz chopped steak + Buffet. He got some various meats from the buffet and he liked them. He also really liked his baked potato and his chopped steak.

Service: Vicky (I think that was her name) was very prompt and very friendly and helpful. Engaging as well. Very nice vibes as well. Very prompt with everything. We all made fun of how bi-polar the weather was and she talked about her cute little chiuahahas and stuff. ;-) I liked her. ;-)

Overall solid 5 for this visit. Very nice vibes and good food. I’m stuffed ;-)

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