Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cracker barrel review 2.25.12

Cracker barrel review 2.25.12

Please note:This will be another short and sweet review.

Intro/General descr: we all know this place has the “homestyle atmosphere” and the building itself looked nice with character, however you'll see that this does not always mean you will get a full tasting meal with that same character as well please read on....

I will also be focusing on my meal only this time.

Order 1 (mine): I had a sirloin steak and baked potato with a house salad. The house salad was ok, not much to report, the baked potato was good, but how can you mess that up? The steak was the blandest steak I've ever eaten. It had very little to no spices, it had a wonky texture, and A1 didn't even save it enough. I told the waitress and she got the manager and her resolved per my request to get me a chef salad (because how can you mess that up eh?) to take home since I wanted to go on with my day and go shopping...

hours later 3:30AM I dig into that salad and it's bland and the chicken tastes off! How can they get that wrong?

Service: The waitress was prompt enough and nice. But not enough to get this place 2 stars and make up for it.

Overall: I have to give this place 1 star. Bland food and overpriced, milks the homestyle atmosphere so you'll excuse the bland food, and the food seems to be an afterthought to the country store. Many themed restaurants have this problem.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review for Olive Garden 2.21.12

Review for Olive Garden 2.21.12

Please note:This will be done as an update to the other one.

Order1 (mine): I got different items this time. I got the Shrimp and Crab Tortellina Romana. It was really good. It was much better then the seafood alfredo they had. Conistancy was really good and it tasted good. I got a little buzz from it LOL. It made me feel good. The sauce wasn't seperated like the other sauce the other time. Cost:16.75

Order 2 (my husband's): Chicken Vino Blanco. He liked it, no problems to report. Cost:12.50

Order 3 (my sister's): create your own platter. She pretty much liked hers too. Cost 9.95

Service: meal came out pretty fast for us to get it. Waitress was pretty prompt, but not as personal as I liked but I think the style of the place is to let you enjoy your meal with minimal interruptions.

Please note: I payed for most of it with the gift card that I received from giving corp. feedback about the last experience. Our total was 47 bucks approx. it payed for 30 of it.

Overall: 4 stars Nice improvements Darden/Olive Garden!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ruby Tuesday review 2.18.12

Ruby Tuesday review 2.18.12

This review is going to be short and sweet

wait time was very long but the place was packed. We opted for bar seating to expedite things by 20 minutes

order 1 and 2: (we both ordered the same thing) portabella chicken. Barely edible, first round was burnt very much and we asked for another, it was burnt tasting too.  Only good things we had were the fries and baked potatoes, we both had zuccini and it was also burnt and not very eatable.

The only really good thing was the margaritas. They were refreshing. and the place had wifi, you need both to cope with the mediocrity of the meal and the long wait times.

manager seemed to try his best and was nice, but it wasn't good enough.

Overall 1 star and won't be returning. So this is the final review.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ponderosa SteakHouse review for 2.3.12

Ponderosa SteakHouse review for 2.3.12

intro: we were greeted nicely and seated and taken care of quickly. Our waitress took care of us fast and was laid back and nice. The place was packed, but it didn't seem to slow the staff down much at all and we were able to be seated at a nice location away from most people due to my smell sensitivity. Our part of the restaurant was calm and quiet. Even though the place was very packed it didn't feel hectic. It was pretty calm.

Buffet: my ham was really good! I ate a lot of it and it was perfect. Excellent consistency and taste. I also got some Haddock fish and it was very easy to eat and tasted nice. I also tried some chicken and it was ok, not the best but better then ryan's buffet's.

Order 1 (mine) I got a sirloin and it came with the buffet.I had a baked potato and it was really good, not overcooked like last time's first one! I ordered the steak medium well and thought it would be more tender, but it was too tough to eat and I informed the waitress about it and she very promptly cooked it a little more and it was much better. She also gave me another baked potato as well in addition to the steak revision. ;-) it was great as well. The steak was much better after it was cooked more so I suggest well done steak at this location.

Order 2: (husband's): he ordered a chopped steak and he liked it a lot. His baked potato was good as well. Not much to report.

Service: our waitress was very prompt and nice. She was also very laid back and very helpful. We felt welcome there and she did a great job! ;-) She kept my coffee cup full and she wasn't overly formal or intruding and she didn't need to get the manager to resolve anything.

Overall: I would give Ponderosa a 4.9 stars for this visit. I \t was worth a little extra trip to get there and I can't wait to go again!  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Olive Garden review for 1.31.12

Olive Garden review for 1.31.12

The experience (starter)

we kinda went here randomly because I had a stressful experience at wal-mart on the north side.
I was dehydrated and needed water asap. We were gonna pull into BK for a drink but the drive thru line was 12 cars. So we decided to stop at OG for a water and see how the place was...
we were taken to this little cafe like area that had a bar and some small 2 seat tabled (this was done to have a nice waiting area so people would not crowd the door) and given a pager like thing to let us know when our table was ready and they got us a water... we decided then that we would be eating there as I was getting hungry..
we then, after 20 mins approx was guided to our table... the waitress took our drink orders and we sipped our coffe and our pop while looking through the menu. The wait time was reasonable till we got our food.

The food (order)

I ordered the shrimp alfredo. The first bowl was very oily and it seperated after 3 minutes. After 5 bites all I could taste was the oil. Noodles were ok and the shrimp was fine, but both were overpowered by too much alfredo, now I've been making alfredo sause for years and I have never had mine seperate like that and I make it from scratch.

Order two (sister's)

she ordered a spicy Italian sausage soup that had 3 ingredients, and potatoes were one of them and she barely got any potatoes on hers. it had onion chunks in it and it took my sister a long time to pick them out. She has an intolerance to onions
she also ordered a spaghetti with meatballs and she asked if that had onion chunks and she said no, however it did. And she had to pick those out as well. Also the spaghetti had too much tomato chunks and not enough actual sauce. What was left was very water and did nothing for the pasta.

The result (combined)

we told the waitress this and she took our concerns and said she would get the manager, she got him and we explained to him and he was able to tell me that the alfredo stuff seperated because it was heated too fast and too quick, he offered to give us replacements for both our meals and my sister got a cheese fondue.

The resolution (combined)

I got a new alfredo meal that was better and didn't have the seperation issue and it tasted much better!

My sister got the fondue as a replacement. She was only charged for the cheaper fondue and mine was simply exchanged and no change to my charge. Both our drinks were comped.

The conclusion:

the experience was rocky at start, however was resolved. But still left a wonky taste in my mouth. As a result my experience was 2.8 stars and my sister was 2.5 stars.