Adobe Sucks

Grr this is maddening..... adobe does not have any 64 bit browser support (you must run it in 32 bit browser)! WTF?! how is stuff going to advance if the asshole companies don't support it. I am sick of 32 bit we need 64 bit. and if you don't know anything about it that system you just got with 4GB+ ram will be useless to a 32bit OS... well you can only use 3GB of that ram witch if you want to run more apps at once or future apps and games that is going to amount to nothing but headcrab zombies. It pisses me off how people will not let xp32 go they are clinging to it like a lost puppy to a bone. Most people don't know bout server 2008 or server 2003 I guess and more people should know about it. Use it and use it for 64bit mode. also running a 32 bit OS on 64bit hardware causes alot of problems and often times restarts unexpectedly, apps not loading all thier features... and the most irritating thing I've had..... when you have too many IE or FF tabs nothing else seems to want to load and PS does not load right. it loads half the UI and quits loading the rest. Even though I have 2GB or and and not beyond the 3GB limit. Please keep this in mind.

this is adobe's response: is laughable at best. They have been saying the same thing since version 7! that the next version would support it.... but noooooooooo they have to be lazy about it.