Warriors cats

I love them they are the best books I have ever read!!!Basicially they are about 4 clans of cats that live in the forest and surrounding areas. Rusty, a kittypet, gives up his comfy kittypet life and runs away into the forest and into the life of a warrior cat! It is an epic story that has me hooked! I am done with the first series of books and am starting on the first super edition book. I am also reading the first book of the second series and it is really good so far! Kitties FTW!!!! Here's the links to the wikipedia page and a link to the offical site:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warriors_(novel_series)http://www.warriorcats.com/

I took a personality test on this one website and this is my warrior cat


You can be spiteful, but you are loved by all. Your friends help you every time, and your personality shines on everyone.


I like what I got I like her and she is very strong and just like me.