simtropolis: are you going to buy cities xl??

A half of a city-buillder game where you gotta pay monthly to gain access to features the game should have had in the first place is beyond me. It is pretty hard to support a company that puts making money and jumping on the 'web 2.0' social bandwagon over ,making a decent game. I am surely dissapointed. I was whole heartedly trying to like this game. I honestly tried to like it. But you can only be so nice before you start lying to yourself.

I guess the recent cream of crop "accessible" games have made the industry brain dead and make crappy games all in the need to be 'accessible' the the dumbed down masses that play WoW and still need quest help even though the game totally walks you through it and even has the exclamation marks and question marks for start and end quests.... and having sparklies where the quest item is.......

if that does not tell you anything about how dumbed down the masses of players are right now than the gaming industry is at its doom.

people need to grow brains and accept challenges in games and stop expecting games to hold your hand the whole time. If it comes to the point where the whole game is a big set of "quick time events" (press "A" to stab enemy with sword, now press B to jump, now move the right arrow key to steer your tank to the right") Then I fear for humanity.

It so seems that alot of hardcore challenges are being replaced with instant gratification and "bling" factors. WoW was nerfed to hell and back .

I was actually expecting a next gen CB game and all I got was a lousy avatar with a T shirt