Who all is stressed out about the BS???

Who all is stressed out from all the BS that is going on lately?

I am.

I am having alot of nervous breadowns and I am scared an nervous all the time. I have never felt so helpless. I am soooo tired of all this BS and we need to get out of this mess before it is too late. I feel everyone is down more then ever and ever so confused. This country has been torn apart and we need to put it together. We need to restore the nice vibes everyone had becuase they used to be great. people nowadays are paranoid, depressed, distressed, and scared and sad. We need to come together again and heal our wounds.

People are turning away from the things that used to matter the most to them and even questionin thier own faiths in everything. People don't even know themselves anymore it seems. I have gone though so much the past years I feel like I should have a full head of grey hair by now. I am left wishing and hoping we all come into the light and come together. I am sad and struck down but I am not going to be for long, we are not going to go out like lightning on a lost wolf in a cold dark forest.

We must try to do whatever is in our power to help everyone. I fear for the young people, I fear for the troubled, I feel that our strength has doubled and we need to defeat what is holding us down!

If all hell breaks loose let's all go out with a BANG!!!! If we go down we will take the assholes with us!