PWNAGETECH:Unlocking Your GPS!

I shall have a PWNAGETECH Article here showcasing tech finds that I find interesting and awesomes:
Today I shall start with this:
If you have a windowsCE based GPS unit (sorry tom-tom and garmin can't join in the fun they are based on linux so they can't join the party) you can basically turn your GPS into a full featured PDA and run most windows apps, as long as thier are compatible with the winCE/winMobile stack.

You can play games, watch movies, play music, and even do MS office stuff and paint with your GPS now! This makes it even more worth the 150 or so you paid for it!
I would definitly get this if I had a GPS unit! Makes it alot more fun to play with.

Using this does NOT REPLACE FIRMWARE. it is simple a gateway to the OS since the OS is hidden becuase the nav software on the unit is running fullscreen and there is no way to "minimize" the app, all this does is let you access the underlying OS that really powers your GPS unit. This is totally safe.
This works for MIO/Magellan/Sanyo (what my mom has)/and many others.
try this to pimp your GPS!!!