Been workin on music production and now have my first album out!

Go check it out here: Avalible on: Spotify/Tidal/Google play/Amazon/iTunes/Apple Music/Deezer and more!
It's a very fun and unique album with a little somethin for everyone.
Synthetic Afternoon: Feel good track with a zelda vibe to it Architextural Jamz: Old school vibe reminiscent of those you'd hear on the MTV party to go albums (back in the days MTV actually had music!)
We Get It You VAPEorwave: a e s t h e t i c AF. Just listen! Celestial Hunger: Cravin for higher places? this might do the trick ;-) Cosmic Chaos: Perfect theme for space operas and for epic space battles Covfefe Get Up: Classic eurodance with the good ol Mark Farina and The Factory Team vibe to it.
Galactic Armada: EPIC SPACE WARS GOIN ON! 2020: It's bee a hell of a year and this is a perfect dark Cyberpunk/Dark Synthwave track for it that sums up the distopian vibe we've all had here on this rock lol. Get It goin': Classic hardtrance jam in every…

Wall Of shame : New site feature: Episode 1: Theranos

Theranos is one of those that literally put lives at risk.If you don't know how Theranos is they claimed to have invented a "minilab" device the size of a desktop PC that claimed to do hundreds of blood tests from a few drops of blood from a finger prick vs 2-3 vials intervenously.

The reality is the device could barely do a dozen tests properly with not much accuracy and the machines would break down, get blood everywhere, contaminate samples, etc.

 The company got deal with wallgreens to have "wellness centers" with the machines. They ended up not working, and millions of test results were voided. Peoples lives were at risk because the tests weren't conducted properly and would give erroneous results.

They got a buncha celeb board members from govt officials, and everyone but any legit medical scientists on purpose because Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos knew that if they did there would be lots of doubt and demand to fix the machines she couldn't …

Realtek WLAN driver page RANT

Ok, they used to have a direct download link to obtain the WLAN driver. very easy, click to download. painless. yeah the site looked windows 2000 era, however I don't care. just give me a functioning download page!

Now you gotta navigate thru their bloated site, find your driver, be presented with a "agree to terms" tick mark, enter your email, and wait for a friggin email. Then you get the email, have only 5 MINUTES to get into the email, and then click the link and be taken to A CAPTCHA PAGE! and then you wait for the download!

what if you're on a slower computer and it takes more than 5 minutes to even load the email!? Or you are doing this on a client's pc and you don't want to login your email on someone else's computer?

Did reaktek even think this thru? nope. they wanna be able to have a bloated but pretty site that's script heavy and has a lot of server load on just a pretty site and then throttle the dowloads.

Why not just have a simple site t…

Upgrades done on Test Server! Upcoming changes!

Test system upgrades!

Upgraded our test server: Also has a Intel 82579LM GbE card

ProcessorIntel Xeon E5-2650 @ 2.2Ghz (8C/16T)MotherboardDell Inc. 08HPGT (CPU 1)CoolingDell StandardMemory32GB ECCVideo Card(s)EVGA Nvidia GTX 650 Ti SSC 1GBStorage500GB Samsung 850//1.5TB Seagate

Upcoming changes!

Yes we've been a little quiet lately, but we are in the midst of upgrading our site and services! Also be on the lookout for a new community we are putting together!

Beware of Fashion Nova

I found an item I liked. I carefully looked at the size chart. [size] was good for me, with even an inch or two for aunt flo's visit. They looked super sexy. Nice new faux leather pants for fall. Yeet! Put in the order on the 5th of sept after a decent discount, and waited a while for the tracking #. 4 days to be exact. For having “2 business days” That’s a long time. Oh well.

12th rolls by and I finally got it. Was super excited and I immediately went to try it on and it’s about 5-6 inches too small. I can juuuuust get the pants on and that’s it. No breathing room and the top part of the waistband looks different than the pic. Also was really thin elastic at the top that would cut you open if you moved wrong! To top it off both pairs have a really nasty run that goes clear across one of the legs horizontally. Ugh!

For paying 40 bucks for 2 pairs I am pretty mad. I waited a long time and paid good money.

I go to email them on their site and I get a response saying that they need p…

Theme reverted due to ublock orgin issues

We had to revert our theme back to the previous one until ublock origin or whatever filter list they use is fixed. Sorry for any issues. Thanks

Onedrive has a aria problem (and no it's not the casino!)

I woke up to check on my PRTG status, as I'm testing some networking hardware and I got a critical warning that the PRTG server was stopped due to low disk spae and I was like "wtf I have at least 150GB free on my SSD" and low and behold I searched for "gigantic" file size on the windows search and BOOM! A 140gb ARIA DEBUG LOG FILE! I promptly looked to see what it was and it was ONEDRIVE MAKING THOSE YUGE FILES!
So then I have to close onedrive down and do the reset thing that's on this forum:
and then I manually delete the aria debug files... 

this frustrates me because I lost critical test data from PRTG!!! 
Microsoft has some splaining to do!