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Cisco Meraki scaling back throughput of various hardware firewalls!

This is a quickie article: Please note: UPDATE AT BOTTOM the issue has been resolved at this time. The article will remain as such for documentation purposes. Cisco Meraki has been scaling back the throughput speed for various hardware firewall products including the Z1, MX60/w,MX64/w, MX80. A user on Reddit has reported the drama in the following thread: Sure enough I've done a speed test just now and here's the result:   Here's a result prior to this: An employee on Spiceworks forums has said this: However this statement does not seem to be true on my connection. Earlier when I first bought mine I got an upgrade that brought mine UP from 50Mbps to 80Mbps stateful firewall throughput. Why they would retract this and bring it down is beyond me. It's not like i

Apologies for the last post BLOGGER HAD AN ISSUE

I would like to apologize for a certain post that wasn't supposed to appear on here. Blogger had an issue and I'm getting that looked into. Please do not take that personally or anything. Please also let me know how long that was on there. Thanks.