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Magellan Roadmate 3120 review - "retro" review challenge in 5 minutes or less

Here's the results of a "5 minute review challenge" a lot of people are doing lately: I did this when I was on my tablet with limited connectivity on a extensive 10 hour road trip. The challenge was to get it done in 5 minutes while also taking pics of certain areas of a product that's typically hard to review and think of on the spur of the moment. Also the "retro" reviews are getting quite common specially with stuff that's off the beaten path like GPUs units, old consoles, old networking hardware, phones, etc... Enough with the intro and here we are at the actual review! Note: from this point on nothing has been alltered from a raw notepad file typed on my tablet since the 3G was cutting out a lot (backwoods west virginia can do that to yah lol) Magellan roadmate 3120 the magellan roadmate 3120 is a great midtier gpus unit that has a great ui, fast signal, decent amount of features, and is affordable and fun to use. accuracy on eta d

Aerohive Showdown! AP230 VS 370

Here’s the custom report that actually made it to the main blog! I hope you enjoy this quick showdown between the Aerohive AP230 VS 370! Please note: if you’d like to view details such as in depth features, please see respective reviews [ 1 ] [ 2 ]. Also check there to get detailed test specs and sys specs. Please also note: the main difference is the 230 uses a Broadcom chipset/radios and the 370 Uses Qualcomm Atheros chipset/radios. The other features are the 370 has redundant PoE Links and higher Xmit power. First adapter is the Asus AC53 USB 801.11ac adapter in 5Ghz 802.11ac mode: AP230: AP370: Now, let’s see the same adapter in 2.4Ghz mode!: AP230: AP370: Very drastic performance differences there! The AP230 performs much better in 5Ghz mode! Much higher throughput! Now let’s take a look at the Ra-Link based laptop adapter for what most laptops have which is a 1x1 N150 chipset.

Aerohive AP370 review

1) Intro 2) Features 3) Setup 4) Wireless configuration 5) Throughput tests (Wireless/Wired) 6) Closing Notes Intro:  The  Aerohive AP370  is a enterprise level  wireless access point  that is  somewhat  affordable for small to medium businesses, has lots of features   and can tolerate a lot of heavy usage that enterprises require.  Review Note:  I have been provided two APs  to test the really cool roaming features.  Review Note 2: The only difference with this one is it uses an Atheros Chipset vs the 230’s Broadcom one Review Note 3: There are a little bit of other differences like higher transmit and dual PoE Features:  The  AP370  features the following: 1)  Dual band 2.4Ghz  and  5Ghz operation with  3 x 3  MIMO connectivity at up to  1200 Mbps 2)  Remote mgmt with HiveManager 3)  2  wired Gigabit LAN port  (PoE/ ETH) with Link aggregation 4)  4 3x3 mimo   x  5 dBi  dual band  in ternal antennas with  20dBm  output power for great w

AMD denies TechpowerUp a review sample and all hell breaks loose.

AMD denies TechpowerUp a review sample and all hell breaks loose. AMD announced thier R9 nano GPU. Of course the widely popular enthusiast site Tech Power Up wanted thier paws on a review sample so they can add it to thier ever growing list of very in-depth GPU reviews. AMD denies them the sample and now amd_roy on twitter is even gloating about how they can't by stating thier reviews as "unfair". has the scoop This is sort of the deal I got with amped wireless but not as public. That company refuses to give me samples, even though I'm the one that's tested thier stuff the most thoroghly. (Note: I have removed the reviews for their stuff in the mean time till the launch of my new forums as well as to give them time to fix things with me and other reviewers.) I have attatched some tweets from amd_roy and how immature he is being and such a bad move PR for AMD A