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Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi review

Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi review 1.       Intro/features 2.       Sound (Music) 3.       Reliability and support experience 4.       Comfort 5.       Overall Intro/Features The Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi are an entry level premium In Ear Monitor set. They’ve been laser tuned for heavy bass response and are tuned for listeners of electronica, house, and hip-hop. The vi’s feature iphone/ipod controls for answering calls, switching tracks, adjusting volume, pausing, previous and next tracks, etc. Sound (music) The UE 350vi IEMs have a very deep bass response in comparison to the Maximo imetal i390s that I have.  (Please note: I was unable to obtain a response curve from Maximo, neither have I gotten a reply from their support about it) Here’s the frequency response curve of the UE350s As you can see it’s tuned for bass for EDM fans. I really love that for my kind of music, however those that prefer a more balanced soundstage for acoustic or

Architecture Fail:The guard rail

NEUT by APOLLO This isn't gonna be safe for the kids.... they will still fall down the stairs! This house is fine if you don't have kids but if you do they will fall down the pit! They could have at least put another bar in it! Otherwise it's really nice!

Musical Mayhem! Part one: rips off popular trance song

This has me furious! I'm a huge trance fan and our genre gets crapped on all the time and this is just disgusting. released his song Let's go-Feat. Chris Brown and trance fans were furious. Here's the reason. That song is a blatant rip of the song Rebound by Arty and Matt Zo and has not been authorized to use that track. What did was illegal. For your convienence I have posted both versions. First is the original version by Arty and Matt Zo: The second is the song Let's go-Feat. Chris Brown: As you can tell this is not just a remixing of the melody or a rehash... it's a TOTAL AND COMPLETE RIP of that song! They didn't even have permission to do this. They make millions off this song. The original artist is NOT COMPENSATED for it. is pathetic and this shows how  bad he is that he would stoop so low to do this.

Architecture Win:Bathboat Designed By Wieki Somers

Designed By Wieki Somers This is the perfect idea for a bathtub and I want one! 

Remixedcat's Wallpaper showcase 2

Click on image links to download AGNX-Dimensional-CrossBeams-242 AGNX-Dimensional-TBloom-LookingIn-242 AGNX-Absraction-244 AGNX-EuphoricBurst-CNX-249