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Eat-n-Park review

Eat-n- park is my second pick for sensitive people first of all the building seems big and roomy. The layout was ok and we were greeted and taken to our seat. We ate at around 8:00pm on a sunday night so the place wasn't too crowded. The waitress was a “new girl” and she was doing all right so far. She did take a sorta long time to get our drinks, but it was ok. I ordered the rosemary chicken and had baked potato and salad. The salad was cool and crisp I ate it while waiting for my baked potato/rosemary chicken. The baked potato was nice and warm, not too hot and not too cold. They gave me a lot of sour cream and butter for it and it taste good. Not the best baked potato in the world, but very good. The main course meal was pretty prompt at getting (got it the same time as the baked potato). And it tasted really good it was covered in this really nice sauce and had some tasty shrooms on top of it. I liked the sauce and the shroooms they made the chicken tas

Buffets Inc Closes several Ryan's Locations.

Hello there everyone! I am rarely mad at stuff like this but when it hits close to home it's tragic really. Buffet's inc is the parent company of Ryan's Buffet, a very awesome buffet chain. I love it! A while ago Buffets inc decided they will close down around 12 locations. In the middle of the bad economy, making approx 500 some people loose thier jobs. Those people will now have to look for work in a time where it's very hard to get a job. Smart move buffets inc (rolleyes). Most of these locations they closed down for "underperforming" Ha! The one close to me was packed all the time and was doing really good! But they left the one that was actually underperforming in my area that suffered due to constant construction in that area and most people don' go to that part of town anymore. Last I went to that place the activity level was very low and the place was dead during peak dinner time on a weekend! This isn't the first time they've s

Mapping sites showdown! Part 5: NAVTEQ's Map24

Hello and welcome to my review of the mapping site Map24 This review will be broken down into the positives and the negatives of the mapping site and will compare the performance of the routing engines at the end of this review. This site is actually made by NAVTEQ the mapping data supplier to Mapquest, Bing and Yahoo Maps! This shall be a very interesting review then! First we shall take a look at the positives of the mapping site. The interface: The interface to map 24 is a more powerful version of the big sites. It gives you a lot of options to input your desired data. It is more aimed at power users. It also has hotel and other POIs as well. It even has some hotel booking features! I have to say NAVTEQ's Map24 has the best printing options of all the sites! They have a detailed print configuration page with the following options: Print content: Map/Route paper format: USA letter/US legal/A4 page orientation: Port/land Font size/ Map print options Route print optio

Mapping sites showdown! Part 4: Yahoo Maps

Hello and welcome to my review of the online mapping website Yahoo Maps. This review will be broken down into the positives and the negatives of the mapping site and will compare the performance of the routing engines at the end of this review. First we shall take a look at the positives of the mapping site. Subject: The interface:First I will note that the interface for Yahoo maps is very easy to use, and does not have the bells and whistles that drag it down and it makes the site very responsive. Yahoo maps is very fast on older hardware and requires no plugins to view it. Printing options are very excellent with mini maps on each turn that are collapsible, as well as total distance travelled on each turn. Yahoo maps has very accurate address inputs and processing. Uses NAVTEQ maps, which are very accurate. Now let's take a look at the negatives: Subject: the user experience: since yahoo lacks the bells and whistles Google maps or Bing Maps has, there are a few things

LongHorn SteakHouse Review!

details about longhorn visit on 11.17.10: we went to the morgantown location again and it was pretty packed, however i did notice one thing. They strategically seated people to not be too close to eachother and placed people in booths mainly becuase there were tables in betwen the booths and this gave more space in beween people. This was an excellent move on thier part! When we got there we were seated promptly and taken care of moderatley quick. We took our time with the order and they seemed patient enough. The bread they had here was still excellent. I ordered the portabella chicken and had a house salad with ranch dressing and a side of mashed potatoes. the chicken was very moist and cut really well even with a butter knife! It wasn't too spongy eather. seemed just right. Did not need sauce of condiments to taste yummy! The salad was fresh, crisp and cool. The mashed potatoes were lumpy, not what I'm used to. I'm used to inhaling them and not having

Song of the month... March

Britney Spears-Hold It Against Me: This is what I've missed from britney. very different and moving.