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Logitech G35 Gaming Headset review

Logitech G35 headset review 1.        Intro/features 2.       Sound (Gaming) 3.       Sound (Music) 4.       Overall Intro/Features The Logitech G35 is a gaming USB powered headset with 7.1 surround, 3 programmable “G” keys for quick game actions or commands for various pieces of software, Buttons to toggle Dolby Surround on/off, Voice morphing, Flip up microphone that auto-mutes if you flip it up, On ear volume controls to make it easy to adjust the volume, Breathable, light comfortable design, Good sound isolation to keep you immersed in the action, and a long and strong USB cable. The headset is managed by Logitech Gaming software and has a lot of configuration options for adjusting the headset like The Dolby Surround options, the G keys, macros, Volume controls and sound EQ, Voice morphing, etc. Here’s a screenshot of LGS: (Surround Options) EQ Options: G Keys Config: Voice Morphing: As you can see the software has

I told you so! Bug in EA’s Origin game platform allows attackers to hijack player PCs

OK, I've been telling a lot of people this and they've never belived me. Well I have your proof and first I shall get to a post that I've said on  Also the main reason people stay away from DRM is they are worried about security and system stability. some DRM like Origin, etc, introduces back-doors into your system and they run at ring0, thus having super-permission sets that take over your system. Hackers can easily gain access and have full control over your system. DRM mechanisms like that should never be used. Some DRM has even blocked legit use of optical drives, backup/security software, and even hypervisor software. I had one case where a game that had starforce DRM prevented vmware workstation from running! Same with another DRM system. It completely disabled vmware and it was a mess getting it back up and running. I had to reformat.  This is further proven in this post:

Amped Wireless R20000G Wireless Router Review

Amped Wireless R20000G Wireless Router Review Review note update: Please see this:

Ponderosa Ripley WV review 3.3.13

Ponderosa Ripley WV review 3.3.13 Intro: greeted really nicely and seated promptly. They were fine with my wonky seating request (I’m sensitive so I have to sit away from other people) Waitress was fast getting our drinks. Order 1 (mine) 8oz sirloin + Buffet. Buffet had ham and I love ham! It was good ham as well. I also had some chicken legs and some Salisbury steak. It was good. My steak came quick too and it didn’t even need A1! Tasted really good too. After that I got a salad and It was good. My baked potato was good too and I loaded it up with cheese and bacon bits from the buffet. Order 2 (husband’s) 8oz chopped steak + Buffet. He got some various meats from the buffet and he liked them. He also really liked his baked potato and his chopped steak. Service: Vicky (I think that was her name) was very prompt and very friendly and helpful. Engaging as well. Very nice vibes as well. Very prompt with everything. We all made fun of how bi-polar the weather was and she