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Realtek WLAN driver page RANT

Ok, they used to have a direct download link to obtain the WLAN driver. very easy, click to download. painless. yeah the site looked windows 2000 era, however I don't care. just give me a functioning download page! Now you gotta navigate thru their bloated site, find your driver, be presented with a "agree to terms" tick mark, enter your email, and wait for a friggin email. Then you get the email, have only 5 MINUTES to get into the email, and then click the link and be taken to A CAPTCHA PAGE! and then you wait for the download! what if you're on a slower computer and it takes more than 5 minutes to even load the email!? Or you are doing this on a client's pc and you don't want to login your email on someone else's computer? Did reaktek even think this thru? nope. they wanna be able to have a bloated but pretty site that's script heavy and has a lot of server load on just a pretty site and then throttle the dowloads. Why not just have a simple