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time for awesomes--->Campbell River boy, 12, delivers his own baby brother

Campbell River boy, 12, delivers his own baby brother Wow this is freaking AWESOME!!!! This 12 year old boy delivered his baby brother! Gaelan Edwards snuck out of bed to watch TV and instead he got a new baby brother! I find it interesting his name is Gaelan. Galen of Pergamon was a great Greek physician ~1800 years ago :) I will quote this from the original article : " Danielle Edwards, 30, said in a telephone interview that she woke about 2 a.m. to find herself in labor with the baby's head already beginning to crown. "I didn't go through any of the preliminary labor pains," she said. "None of it." Unable to walk or reach the telephone, she rolled onto her back and noticed the TV on in the other room. Figuring it was her oldest son, she said, "Gaelan, I need you to come over here." "It was like a springboard; he sat straight up, came and stood in the doorway area to my room. He put his hands on his hips and said, 'Mom

Wierd Stuff---->Thirsty boy stuck in chimney trying to get drink

Thirsty boy stuck in chimney trying to get drink This poor little boy was stranded outside and he decides to, instead of asking neighbors for a drink. he takes matters into his own hands and climbs up to the chimney and proceeds down to try to get into the house to get a drink. he was stuck there for 8 HOURS!!!! this article has more ! but..... Utah address systems are freaking awesome. 4300 South 4800 West... they work like co-ordinates. here's more explanation for that

Time for Tech--->Firefox 6.0 is here!

Firefox 6.0 has launched. it has improvments such as domain highlighting and about:permissions. However some addons might not work! I have patches that work up to version 9.0 here: to use: open firefox and go to addons> "install add-on from file" find modified .xpi>enjoy Screen capture elite ShowIP: Stylish: Yet Another Smooth Scrolling rkiosk kioskfox:

Time for Tech--->Amazon CEO files patent for smartphone airbag

 please click here for more info Yes. The CEO of wants to make smartphones with airbags! Funny huh? They should just make the phones stronger to begin with! make all phone displays unbreakable. It can be done. It is being applied, just not mainstream. It should be mainstream. We shouldn't have to mess with hard to acquire expensive means of getting a toughphone. hrrrrmmmm I wonder of panasonic has one? It would be toughfone or something like it. As long as it has android OS it would be good, however the specs must be good in order to keep it long. that is one problem with this situation. 

Review for western sizzlin 08.09.11

Review for western sizzlin 08.09.11 This place is off the beaten path a ways but it was still easy to access from US50. The parking seemed to be ok but a little packed in too much. Could have used wider parking spots. The area you first walked into could be spaced a little better and had both cash registers spaced further apart so the two cashiers could work more efficiently and there would be faster movement. They seemed to be ok at getting us in but seemed a little off for some reason. The décor was nice and the layout of the place was ok. We seated ourselves and were taken care of promptly. Our meals came to us very quickly. I ordered a sirloin with a baked potato. The sirloin did taste very watered down and it needed tons of A1 to make it edible. The baked potato was really good. I got sour cream and cheese from the baked potato bar. My husband got a chopped steak and he was satisfied with it. He also got a baked potato and he like it too and made it like I did. My m

Song of the month--->Same Difference-Euphoria!

I love this one! Powerful and emotional and a kick-ass beat! Makes you feel confident and active!

"The worlds best restaurant" closes it's doors

"The worlds best restaurant" closes it's doors...... El Bulli, owned by award-winning chef Ferran Adria, will mark the end of a remarkable 27-years with a special sitting for staff and their families A Spanish restaurant repeatedly voted the best in the world has served its final dish to the public and is closing its doors for the last time They are only open 6 months out of the year. Apperantly they were not really turning a profit. that would explain the not turning a profit thing... businesses that are restrictive hours are the same as well. several local businesses had to shut down in my area becuase nobody came to buy stuff... they were only open during regular business hours, a time where not very many working people can show up to buy stuff. the places with expansive hours tend to do better since they can make more money from the evening traffic and rush after work. peak shopping times in my locale are from 2pm-10:30PM. Any time before that is dead.