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Fortinet Fortiwifi 60D review

1) Intro 2) Features 3) Setup 4) Wireless configuration 5) Throughput tests (Wireless/Wired) 6) Closing Notes Intro:  The Fortinet 60D is a enterprise level office security appliance that is a robust full featured enterprise router/firewall that is somewhat affordable for small to medium businesses, has lots of features and can tolerate a lot of heavy usage that enterprises require. Features:  The  60D  features the following: 1) Layer 7 firewall controls with tons of site blocking presets to help block against P2P, sports, social media, video streaming sites and more as well as custom hostnames and expressions. 2) 7 wired Gigabit LAN ports 3) 2 x 3.5dBi  dual band external SMA antennas with 17dBm output power 4) SSIDs with configurable VLANs for each one providing more security then standard guest networks 5) Dual band 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz operation with 2 x 2 MIMO connectivity at up to 300Mbps 6) Full VLAN configuration 7) Per port VLAN 8) Full and extre